Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bumble Bar & Juno Bars Review

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I share with you a review on Bumble Bars and Juno Bars. These are Pure & Simple Organic Energy Bars. The Bumble Bar company is Woman Owned and Kid Approved. These bars are plant-based and delicious!

Bumble Bars are gluten-free, Vegan, non-GMO and Kosher. Bumble Bars do NOT contain honey. As you can see in the picture above, these bars are loaded with sesame and flax seeds. Bumble Bars come in 10 flavors: Original Peanut, Amazing Almond, Chocolate Crisp, Lushus Lemon, Chai Almond, Classic Cashew, Mixed Nut Medley, Harvest Hazelnut, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Juno Bars are vegetarian and loaded with dates. They are also kosher, gluten-free and non-GMO. I got to sample the Brownie Batter flavor. These contain chocolate, quinoa, chia seeds and vanilla. One Juno Bar contains 180 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 15 grams of sugar. Juno Bars are available in 3 different flavors: Brownie Batter, Apple Crisp and Peanut Butter Cookie.

My Thoughts

These bars are great for a healthy snack on-the-go. I love the bumble Bars because they are loaded with yummy seeds. I love the Lushus Lemon flavor and the Mixed Nut Medley. I love having one of these bars for breakfast. Very filling and satisfying. The Juno Bars I like to have as a dessert. I could not tell that the main ingredient is dates. Juno Bars, the Brownie Batter flavor, tastes just like a brownie! Delicious! I highly recommend Bumble Bars and Juno Bars. My family loves them and I feel good about them eating these because they're made with only the best ingredients.

Bumble Bars are also available in a Junior size. This size is perfect for kids! Which flavor are you most excited to try?

I received free products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Degusta Box USA Review- September

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! I am back with September's Degusta Box! Another great month of goodies! I love getting the Degusta Box each month because most of the products in the box I have not tried before. read below to see what's in the September box!

So.. What's in September's box?..

 PopCORNers Carnival Kettle Popped Corn Chips- These delicious chips are gluten-free, non-GMO verified and vegan. Guilt-free snacking that is super crunchy and satisfying. Available in 7 flavors. $3.29

Sparkling Bitters flavored Sparkling Water. Sparkling Bitters is available in 5 fruity flavors. Contains 0 calories, 0 sugar and 0 sodium. These tonic waters are all natural. $1.99 each.

PERi-PERi is the secret ingredient behind Nando's PERi-PERi restaurants. It's made with African bird's eye chili and a blend of lemons, garlic, onion and spices. So delicious! Spice up any meal! Kosher, gluten-free, Halal and natural. $3.49

Zolli Drops were created by an 11 year old named Alina Morse. Zolli Drops and Zollipops are a delicious, natural way to help reduce tooth decay and dry mouth. Zolli Drops are sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, Kosher and made with natural flavors and colors. Made in the USA. Perfect for kids lunches. $4.99

Little Bites from Entenmann's are perfect for school lunches. These mini muffins contain no high fructose corn syrup and they contain 0g trans-fat. The Chocolate Chip flavor contains real chocolate chips. 4 muffins per pouch. $4.69

BustaNUT! Peanuts contain awesome flavor. Enough flavor to knock your socks off! These peanuts are top quality and come in a wide variety of flavors. $1.49 each.

Michel et Augustin Shortbread Cookies- Butter & Sea Salt and Butter & Chocolate Chips. These little cookies delicious! $1.99

Sam Mills Gluten Free Corn Quinoa Fusilli is based on 100% natural ingredients. This pasta is free from the following allergens: soy, egg, wheat, tree nuts, fish and shell fish. Sam Mills' pasta is non-GMO and kosher. $2.39

Hak's Rustic Ratatouille Cooking Sauce is a great sauce to create a delicious meal using only one pot. This cooking sauce contains chunky tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, garlic and onion. Yum! $3.99

English Provender Co.'s Chutneys and Curd contain only the best, clean, all natural ingredients. English Provender has been making small batch, traditional English recipes since 1979. Non-GMO and gluten-free. $2.45 each.

Toosum Oatmeal Bars are super tasty and gluten-free. One bar contains only 100 calories. Toosum Oatmeal Bars contain no added sugars. No artificial anything! $1.79

Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal is great for a quick breakfast. This cereal is packed with granola and crispy flakes. Sure to keep you full all day! $2.99

So, what do you think of September's box!? I'd say that the products inside are pretty amazing! Most of the products, in this month's box, I have not tried. My favorites? The Michel et Augustin Cookies, PopCORNers, Zolli Drops and the Chutneys and Curd. I love getting the Degusta Box each month because I have the opportunity to try new products. Which of these products would you like to try?

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I received Degusta Box USA in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

TRUE Jerky Review

Welcome! Today, I share with you TRUE Jerky! TRUE Jerky was started in 2013 by a group of college friends. Their mission is to create the perfect snack for any occasion. TRUE Jerky is all about getting their beef locally. That's why they get all of their beef from cattle that are born and raised in southern California. Their beef is never from a foreign country.

TRUE Jerky is made with Eye of Round and it is delicious. Eye Round is used to make their jerky because it is the leanest, most protein-packed cut of steak available. TRUE Jerky is USDA Certified natural beef that does not contain any hormones, nitrates or antibiotics. Their jerky is gluten-free. TRUE Jerky comes in easy-to-eat strips that are easy to chew. Flavors include: Peppered, Korean Flavored BBQ, Honey Bourbon Brisket, Thai Mango Curry and Blackberry Merlot. TRUE Jerky is available for purchase in single bags, bundles, as well as a subscription option.

My Thoughts

I love reviewing jerky because it is one of my favorite things to eat. TRUE Jerky does not disappoint. It's delicious and full of flavor. I was sent 3 flavors to try: Peppered, Blackberry Merlot and Honey Bourbon Brisket. Each flavor is awesome. But, I have to say that the Peppered flavor is my favorite. TRUE Jerky is moist, not tough to eat at all. All-in-all,  I give their jerky a thumbs up!

TRUE Jerky bags contain floss! Which is the best idea because I am always reaching for floss after I eat some jerky. I thought that this was awesome and very clever.

I received TRUE Jerky in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Aroma Getaway Subscription Box Review- August

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I share with you Aroma Getaway Subscription Box- August. This month's theme is The Wild West! Each item in the Aroma Getaway box is carefully curated. Aroma Getaway delivers a vacation for your senses. Right to your front door!

So, what's inside?..

Custom Handmade Wood Burned Key Chain from Handmade for Men - Made from cherry wood, this key chain was made exclusively for Aroma Getaway. $10

4 Corners Map from National Geographic - A map and guide for travelers. $11.95

Variety of 3 Tea Bags from Native American Tea Company -  This tea company specializes in formulating herbs, flowers and roots into high quality teas. Their teas are inspired by Native American Indian Traditions. $1

Dueling Rubber Band Six Shooter from Tin Toy Arcade - A fun toy! Practice your aim or annoy your co-workers. $6.98

Cactus Candy from Amelio Enterprises - Some Cacti are edible. This candy contains Prickly Pear Cactus! $1

Carson City Wandering Cowboy Scented Candle from By The Bay Botanicals - A candle that smells masculine. Just like a cowboy- musk, woodsy and sandalwood. This candle is made from palm wax. $5.50

Tombstone Sarsaparilla Sharpshooter set of 4 tea lights from By The Bay Botanicals - This scent is close to the smell of root beer! The scent is inspired by wild west gun fights that would break out over a poker game gone wrong. $5.50

San Antonio Saddlery Car Freshener from By The Bay Botanicals - This car freshener has a leather scent to it. $2.95

Cheyenne Clery Sage Wax Tarts from By The Bay Botanicals - These tarts smell like sage. This earthy scent is great for calming nerves and dispelling evil spirits. $6.95

My Thoughts

The Wild West Box from Aroma Getaway sure had me feeling like I was a cowgirl in the wild west. Everything from the scented candles to the cactus candy made my experience of the wild west perfect. Each item is carefully chosen. This subscription box inspires me and makes me want to travel. I really love opening Aroma Getaway's subscription box each month.

I received a free subscription box in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pipcorn Mini Popcorn Review & Giveaway

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I share with you yummy popcorn from Pipcorn. Pipcorn was founded by Jeff & Jen Martin, a dynamic brother and sister team. Their delicious popcorn was featured on an episode of Shark Tank and was endorsed by Barbara Corcoran. All of their delicious flavors are popped in small batches and seasoned by hand. Read my review below and enter to win some Pipcorn!

Pipcorn is made with small popcorn kernels. When popped, the popcorn is half the size of ordinary popcorn. Pipcorn is made with olive oil instead of butter. The popcorn is gluten-free, non-GMO, Vegan and whole grain. This popcorn contains hulls, but they are much more delicate than ordinary popcorn hulls. The delicate hulls are easier to digest.

Pipcorn comes in many yummy flavors. These flavors include: Sea Salt, Kettle, Truffle, Rosemary, and Chili Lab. Pipcorn also sells kernels. This allows you to pop your own Pipcorn at home! Pipcorn is made in the USA.

My Thoughts

I got to try 2 out of 5 of their popcorn flavors. I got to try the Sea Salt flavor and the Truffle flavor. Both of which are out-of-this world good! The Truffle flavor is really unique and different. The Sea Salt is the perfectly salted.  I'd say that both flavors are good for movie night but, my top choice would be the Truffle flavor. It's AMAZING! I ate the whole bag!

I love the size of the popcorn itself. There is barely any hull on the pieces of popcorn. After eating a whole bag, I think I only got one hull stuck in my teeth. The smaller kernels just taste so much better than ordinary popcorn. More flavorful and better for you. I highly recommend Pipcorn. Order a bag(or 6) now! :)

Enter to win two(2) bags of Pipcorn! One(1) bag of Sea Salt & one(1) bag of Truffle! One(1) winner will be chosen and contacted via email. US only. Enter below and GOOD LUCK!
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

August Degusta Box Review & Recipe

Welcome to A Sampling Bee. Today, I share with you the August Degusta Box as well as a recipe. The Degusta Box is full of goodies. The products in the Degusta Boxes are food items. Some of which are new items. Read below to see what's inside the August box.


So, what's inside?..

Sir Kensinton's Chipotle Mayonnaise

Sir Kensinton's Chipolte Mayonnaise has a rich, smoky flavor to it. Goes perfectly on fish tacos or corn.
ALO Drink Alo Allure Pulp Free
ALO Drink infused their drinks with real aloe vera pulp and juice. Yummy! 
Popchips Ridges- Sour Cream & Cheddar
Popchips Ridges come in 4 bold flavors. These extra crispy ridges are never fried and do not contain any yucky stuff!

Goetze's Candy Co., Inc. Mini Cow Tales

Goetze's Mini Cow Tales are made in the USA and they are nut-free!
Oregon Chai Chai Tea Latte
Oregon Chai Chai Tea Latte Mix is great for a cold day. Oregon Chai uses only the best 100% all-natural ingredients to make their chai teas.

JM Smucker White Lily White Grape Wheat Flour
White Lily Grape Wheat Flour is perfect for making breads, or cakes. Even great for making pancakes and cookies!

Post Honey Bunches of Oats- Strawberry
Post's Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries makes a great breakfast. A breakfast your whole family will enjoy.
Loacker Rose of the Dolomites Chocolates

Loacker Rose of the Dolomites are made with hazelnut cream, crispy hazelnut pieces and delicious chocolate.
Goya Foods Inc. Maria Cookies
Goya's Maria Cookies are a product of Spain and they are gluten-free!
Vermont Smoke & Cure Mini Meat Sticks- Cracked Pepper & Uncured Pepperoni
Vermont Smoke & Cure Mini Meat Sticks are made in Vermont in small batches. A great snack while hiking or while on-the-go.

Frozen Chai Tea Latte with Ice Cream


1/2 cup of ice
4 ounces of cold Oregon Chai's Chai Tea
3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
1 scoop of Cool Whip
Paper Straw


1) Add one packet of Oregon Chai's Chai Tea Latte to 8 ounces of boiling water. Let cool.
2) Put ice, chai tea and vanilla ice cream into a blender and blend until combined.
3) Pour into a glass and top with cool whip and a paper straw. Enjoy!

My Thoughts

I love the Degusta Boxes. If you love getting food inspired subscription boxes, this one is for you. At only $19.99 a month, it's so worth it. Each box comes with mostly full sized products and a few samples sized products. In the August box, the only sample product is the Popchips. The rest are full sized.

My family loved this month's box. My sons loved the cow tales and the cereal. They especially like the cereal because the box had a few characters from Ice Age on it. I personally loved the chai tea and my husband loved the pepperoni sticks. All-in-all, August's box was the best!

I received a Degusta Box in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!

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