Friday, September 21, 2018

September Degusta Box USA Review

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! September's Degusta Box USA is themed "Lunchbox." It's full of goodies that help me pack delicious, healthy snacks into my lunch or my son's lunchbox. Each month, Degusta Box USA sends me a box of 9-14 full-sized foods or drinks. Every month, the products are a complete surprise. My family and I enjoy opening it up together to see what we got. My kiddos immediately want to dig right into all of the yummy snacks.

Garden of Life makes delicious, simple protein bars that are Organic, Kosher, Vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free. These bars are made with clean protein. I got the chocolate sea salt flavor in my box. After taking my first bite, I was wowed at how soft and light this bar is. I can really taste the sea salt and the chocolate. I love how this bar is high in fiber and low in sugar. It's a really good protein bar.

Bauducco Chocolate Wafers are made with airy wafers and 3 layers of creamy chocolate. I use to eat these wafer cookies all of the time when I was young. So, I really enjoyed these. Brought me back to my childhood. I love enjoying these wafers with a hot cup of coffee.

SunRype Apple Strawberry Fruit to Go 100% Fruit Strips are made with only fruits and veggies. These fruit strips are my sons go-to for an after school snack. They're chewy, fruity and just so flavorful. My sons love these!

Hippeas Chickpea Puffs are an organic snack. These puffs are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free and nut-free. The puffs are super crunchy. The White Cheddar flavor is super cheesy. The Happenin' Hickory flavor has a smoky BBQ taste.


The Better Chips are whole grain chips that are made with fresh veggies and herbs. The flavor that came in this month's box was Jalapeno& Cilantro. Boy, do these chips have a spicy kick to them! I love them though because I love spicy foods. The Better Chips pair well with a cold guacamole or a slice of cheese.

Tiger Tail's Medium Style Mustard comes in a tube! This German recipe is made with stone ground mustard seeds, craft flavor and a bit of heat. I love adding this amazing mustard to the top of a hot dog! I really is a mustard like no other.

Handfulls Crrrunch Bites are half nut, half chip. The almonds are wrapped in a crispy rice cracker and they are just so good! This was my first time trying these and I was blown away. I really enjoyed the BBQ flavor.

Marion's Kitchen Kung Pao Meal Kit is a Chinese stir-fry that can be made in my very own kitchen. These meal kits are all natural and all I needed were a few ingredients in order to cook a yummy meal. The Kung Pao kit was a bit spicy and also sweet. I had a healthy meal cooked for my family in under 15 minutes. And, they loved it!

PB Crave makes the best flavored peanut butters. They are sweetened with real honey and they are made with real ingredients. In my box, I got 2 different flavors: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Sweet & Dark Chocolate. I really liked them both. This peanut butter is really good on graham crackers.

GoCo Crunchy Coconut Bites are made with real coconut pieces. They are gently toasted and then pressed into bite sized discs. I really enjoyed these because they are very lightly sweetened. The bite size pieces are crunchy and contain chia seeds.

Idahoan Foods Mashed Potatoes are always stocked in my kitchen. These yummy potatoes are extremely easy to make. I enjoy eating them alone and as a side dish. I really enjoyed the new Classic flavor. The potatoes taste just like homemade. The Four Cheese flavor is one of my favorites.

The Chia Company makes pure, clean, sun ripened chia seeds. I really like the individual packages because it allows me to take the chia seeds on the go. I love adding the chia seeds to my yogurt or morning smoothie. Gives them a little added touch of deliciousness.

Mighty Spark Food Co. makes one of the nest tasting snack sticks. I was amazed by how moist, juicy and flavorful these sticks are. The cranberry flavor tasted just like cranberry and had chunks of cranberry and ginger in it. The jalapeno one could have been a little bit spicier. When I think of jalapeno, I think HOT! But, I loved that one, too! Only 60 calories per stick!

Marquis Citrus Yuzu is an energy drink that has zero calories and zero sugar! I normally don't like energy drinks, but I must say, I really enjoyed this one. It's light and fizzy!


My Thoughts

The September "Lunchbox" Degusta Box is my all time favorite. This box was just absolutely stuffed will all the things I love. Snack sticks, coconut, almonds, mashed potatoes, tortilla chips and peanut butter. My go to products from this month's box is definitely the chip coated almonds and the coconut bites! It had a great variety of snacks and a lot of the brands were new to me.

The cost: Only $19.99 a month. These is also a box available to those who are in the UK! Subscribe today HERE and save 50% off of your first box!

Total cost of products in September's box: $41.78!!

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Our kitty loves the Degusta Box, too!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Bear Nibbles Bear Yo Yo's Fruit Rolls Review

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog, A Sampling Bee. I was SO excited to work with this next brand that I am about to share with you. My sons LOVE fruit rolls so I was so excited to share these with them. Meet Bear Yo Yo's Fruit Rolls from Bear Nibbles! These Fruit Rolls contain 1 cup of fruit per pack. Bear Yo Yo's are packed with fruits and veggies. Which means that they are also packed with vitamins and minerals. Bear Yo Yo's are high in fiber and great for your teeth because they are naturally sweetened.

Bear Yo Yo's come in 4 yummy flavors: Mango, Raspberry, Apple & Strawberry. Each Fruit Roll contains real ingredients. Ingredients that have grown on trees and fields. The Yo Yo's are baked slowly and never contain any ingredients other than the fruits, veggies or grains. Each pack of Yo Yo's comes with a colorful card. There are 80 adventure cards to collect in total. My boys love opening up a new pack to see which fun adventure card they got. Each adventure card has a little blurb on the back about the featured place. Down below are the 5 cards we got in the packs that I reviewed. My boys were so excited to find that one of the packs had 2 cards in it!


Mango Yo Yo's- mango, apple and pear.
Rasberry Yo Yo's- raspberries, apple, pear and black currants.
Apple Yo Yo's- apple, pear and a little spirulina.
Strawberry Yo Yo's- strawberries, apple, pear and black currants.

That's it! Yo Yo's don't contain any other ingredients. Just fresh fruit, veggies and grains. No additives, no preservatives, no added sugar, no added coloring...NOTHING!

My Thoughts

Bear Nibbles Yo Yo's are fruit strips that are rolled into a circle. They're moist, chewy and very flavorful. My boys don't have a heard time chewing them. I love giving these to my kids because they're healthy for them and they don't have any added sugar. Just naturally sweetened by the fruit, veggies and grains that are used to make the Yo Yo's. One of my nephews is allergic to red dye so it's great to know that I can give him these fruit rolls when he visits. My oldest sons go-to flavor is the Strawberry and my youngest sons go-to is the Mango. Yo Yo's are great because my kids can enjoy on-the-go, as an after-school snack or as a healthy dessert. It's gives me piece of mind knowing that there are snacks out there that are made with natural ingredients.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

August Sleek Treat Subscription Box Review

Hey! I am back with another amazing Sleek Treat Box. August's box theme was "Back to Cool." This month's box featured a double item. It's a surprise, so you won't know what double item you get until the box arrives at your door. The Sleek Treat Subscription Box contains snacks that are natural and healthy. Each box contains 6-8 premium treats that contain low sugar or a sugar alternative, such as stevia. Sleek Treat is great because as a mom, I try to watch my families sugar intake. Especially when packing school lunches.

The August " Back To Cool" Box

Detour Simple Caramel Peanut Whey Protein Bar- contains real ingredients. The bar is covered in dark chocolate, has a rich caramel layer and is topped with almonds and sea salt. This Detour bar is non-GMO, low carb, contains nothing artificial, high in fiber and contains stevia. This Detour Bar flavor reminds me of a snickers bar. It's SO good!

Shrewd Foods Protein Crisps Baked Cheddar flavor- A high protein, low carb snack that is crunchy and cheesy. I love the crunch that these little crisps have. The baked cheddar flavor is so tasty. These protein crisps are free of any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Kids love them!

Fat Snax Lemony Lemon Cookies- This was my first time trying this brand of cookie. I love them! I am all things lemon so I really enjoyed these! They're soft, and baked to perfection. Fat Snax cookies are high in healthy fats, low in carbs, sugar-free and gluten-free.

Nush Foods Banana Nut Cake- I just did a review on these a couple of weeks ago. I love Nush's Cakes. They're moist, flavorful and so healthy for you. The banana nut flavor tastes just like a slice of banana bread. Nush Cakes are low carb, contain 1g of sugar, kosher, organic, gluten-free and all natural.

Sencha Green Tea Mints- Did you know that green tea helps fight bad breath naturally? Boxes contained either the Cocoa Coconut flavor or the Yuzu Ginger flavor. I got the Yuzu Ginger flavor in my box. These mints are vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, low carb and naturally sugar-free. I really liked the flavor of these mints. Lightly flavored and they last for a while if you let them just melt in your mouth.

Stoka Nutrition Vanilla Almond Bars- Are sweet, crunchy and full of yummy almonds. These bars are great because they are low in carb and they give me a really good afternoon energy boost. Stoka's Bars are gluten-free, whet free, soy free, keto, paleo and have no sugar added. These bars are so flavorful.

My Thoughts

I got 2 Stoka Bars in my box. I was happy about my surprise double snack because I really like the Stoka Bars. This snack was in a previous box as well. I love Sleek Treat because it makes it a lot easier for me to pack snacks into my son's lunchbox. I get 6-8 snacks per box so that's 6-8 lunch snacks that I don't need to stress over. Sleek Treat is a wonderful snack subscription boxes. I really love all of the snacks in their boxes.

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SUBSCRIBE || $34.99

Monday, September 10, 2018

FlavaNatuals FlavaBars Review

Hey! Welcome to my review blog, A Sampling Bee. Today, I review FlavaBars from FlavaNaturals. FlavaBars are made from the finest cocoa beans on earth. They are available in 5 amazing flavors. All ingredients used in FlavaBars are natural and real. Their bars are non-GMO, gluten-free, Kosher and vegetarian. These flavored chocolate bars contain 5x the cocoa flavanols of any standard dark chocolate bar. I have been eating chocolate since I was a kid. It's one of my favorite "sweet tooth" treats. So, I was excited to try FlavaNaturals FlavaBars!

Top to bottom: Espresso Ground Coffee, Crystallized Ginger + Saigon Cinnamon, Roasted Almond + Himalayan Pink Salt, Blueberry + Green Tea Matcha and Pure Cocoa Nibs.
Blueberry + Green Tea Matcha- is loaded with apple juice-infused blueberries. The top of this amazing chocolate bar is dusted with Matcha. Needless to say, this bar is loaded with antioxidants! One bar: 180 calories, 15g sugar, 0mg sodium.

Espresso Ground Coffee- what's better than coffee and chocolate? No much. This bar is full of antioxidants, too! From both the coffee and chocolate. Great for a energy boost on-the-go! 'One bar: 170 calories, 12g sugar, 0mg sodium.

Roasted Almond + Himalayan Pink Salt-  a customer favorite! This bar is loaded with almonds and topped with a dusting of Himalayan Pink Salt. One bar: 190 calories, 12g sugar, 120mg sodium.

Crystallized Ginger + Saigon Cinnamon- a bar that is loaded with a root vegetable and one of the best spices in the world. The combination of ginger and cinnamon go so well with the dark chocolate. One bar: 180 calories, 15g sugar, 5mg sodium.

Pure Cocoa Nibs- is a dark chocolate bar loaded with cocoa nibs. The nibs are dried cacao beans that resemble a roasted coffee bean. One bar: 180 calories, 12g sugar, 0mg sodium.

Pictured: Library Gift Box Set $25.95/2 bars of each flavor
My Thoughts

I am a huge fan of all chocolates! These FlavaBars are rich, chocolately, full of flavor and just out of this world good! I have never had a dark chocolate that is this rich and dark. A little bit of one bar is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I love the flavor combinations that FlavaNaturals came up with for their bars. I especially like the blueberry + green tea matcha, the roasted almond + Himalayan pink salt and the espresso ground coffee flavors. I was amazed by how each flavor tastes just like the ingredients that it contains. The Library Box Set makes a wonderful gift for the chocolate lover in your life! These chocolate bars truly are amazing!

FlavaNaturals also has FlavaMix, which is a unsweetened drink mix.

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