Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gain Fireworks In-wash Scent Booster Review

Good afternoon my Samplers! How is everyone? I'm so so sorry, I know I have been MIA. But I am back and have a lot of great products to share with you! Today's blog post is on an awesome sample that was used in my laundry! As soon as I opened the package, I was mesmerized by the scent of these little beads. I immediately added the package to a load of laundry. 

Tiny, yellow beads, that left my clothes smelling succulent! The results were scent-ful! I used the entire pouch in one load. All you need to do is put the beads in with your laundry! The scent on my clothes lasted all day. Not only did my clothes smell fresh, they felt clean and soft. ( I even used the empty package! It made my laundry room smell fresh for days!)

Gain Fireworks available in these scents:
  • Original
  • Sweet Sizzle
  • Moonlight Breeze

Visit Gain for more info and to check out all of their awesome products!

*The Beaute Bee* 


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