Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paper & Twine's Liquid Chalkers Review

Hello all! I had sooo much fun playing with these Liquid Chalkers from Paper & Twine! I received a 4 pack of white Chalkers, but you can also purchase them in colors! They are dustless and non- smearing.  These would be awesome to use on car windows! Leave a special message for your graduate or when selling a car.

1. Shake markers
2.Depress tip gently and hold until the liquid starts to flow

Here you can see the tip of the Chalker. Which is a 6mm Chisel tip. 

I used the Chalkers on a chalkboard. The Chalkers applied easily and evenly. The liquid did not run. The only thing I did have trouble with was trying to remove the liquid chalker. The chalkboard was smooth, and was a non-porous surface.  I also used the Chalkers on a mirror, which was much easier to remove.  There is a warning on the packaging stating to test on a small section before applying to a large section(of whatever you will be applying to). Recommended for non-porous surfaces such as glass, ceramics, metal, mirrors and white boards.

Get your very own Liquid Chalkers Here | Originally $22.99 on sale for $12.99


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