Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kleenex Tissue Review- Lotion & Anti-Viral Boxes

 Hello Bees! Runny nose season is in full force! What tissue brand are you using to wipe those boogies away? Look no further, I got the best tissues for ya! Kleenex Lotion tissues and Kleenex Anti-Viral tissues!


For delicate skin, care for your sniffles and sneezes with the extra soothing softness of Kleenex® Tissues with Lotion.

Count: 75 Sheets


Kleenex® Brand developed Anti-Viral* Tissue with three soft layers, including a moisture-activated middle layer that kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses.

Count: 68 count

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Applegate's Half Time Snack Pack Review & Photos

Hey! Has anyone heard about this awesome, snack pack from Applegate! Introducing,  the new Half Time Snack Pack!

 Here is the front of the box. You can see that it instantly catches your eye with the bright colors and yummy looking food pictured.

The back of the box is covered with games and funny jokes. Cute for a lunch time giggle for your kiddos :)

Opening the box, you can see that the inside flap has another game.

Looking into the box you can see everything is individually wrapped and neatly placed in the box.

Applegate's Turkey Breast
Applegate's American Cheese
Annie's Buttery Rich Crackers
Annie's Organic Berry Bunny Fruit Snacks
Stonyfield's Yokids Squeezers Strawberry Organic Lowfat Yogurt

Applegate's snack pack puts all the other snack packs to shame. Everything in this package is inspected for wholesomeness By U.S. Department of Agriculture. The turkey is humanely raised without antibiotics. Contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. And, it tastes great! It's very juicy, fresh and actually tastes like turkey breast. You can tell that it's minimally processed. The cheese is delicious as well.   The fruit snacks were gone in a flash. Its the first thing my son devoured. I got to try one, and they are truly the best fruit snack I have ever had. The texture of the fruit snack was soft, not too chewy. The fruit flavor was satisfying and not too sugary. My son loves yogurt so he had no problem munching the whole Squeezer down, quickly :) And, the crackers were tasty and crunchy. They had a slight cheesy taste to them. Combine the turkey, cheese and crackers and you have yourself a bite-sized sandwich perfect for little hands. So, make your kiddos the envy of every other student at the lunch table and send them to school with a Applegate's Half Time lunch.

Half Time Snack Packs are available in:
  • Turkey & Cheese
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Bologna & Cheese
Visit to sign up for their newsletter, get product information, to locate a store near you that carries Applegate products, etc.
Sunday, December 7, 2014

Scott Naturals Toilet Paper TUBE-FREE Review & Photos

Hello Bees! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. Can you believe Christmas is only 18 days away! Holy moly!! This year went by waaay to fast! Today on the blog, I am reviewing the Scott Naturals Tube-Free Toilet Paper! So please, check it out and leave your comments below :)
What's the first item on your holiday shopping list?? Scotts Naturals Tube-Free Toilet Paper. Your guest will thank you and your hiney will thank you! Four rolls of this toilet paper are equal to 12 rolls! Which means that they last longer and you need less when wiping the tush!
Did you know:
In the 45 minutes it takes you to grocery shop, nearly 1.5 million toilet paper tubes are thrown away in the U.S
I like this toilet paper #1, because there is no tube to be throw away. #2 because its soft and lasts a long time. The toilet paper leaves nothing behind after wiping. I did not have a problem with a clogged toilet.
If you choose to buy your toilet paper with the cardboard tube, reuse or recycle. Sit with your kiddos and do an arts and craft project using the tube. Here is an awesome craft you can make with those tubes for your tree! Project by:
Scotts Natural Tube-Free available at your local Walmart or grocery store.
Learn more at:
*Sample sent to me for review