Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Influenster's Frosty VoxBox Review

Hello Sampling Bees! I was THRILLED when I found out that I was receiving this Frosty Voxbox from Influenster! This is my very first box that contains more than one awesome product! Get ready to see some awesomeness!!..
First up, we have Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. This makeup remover gently removed my toughest mascara and left me with no oily residue. I had no problem using this makeup remover while wearing contact lenses. I applied a bit of the makeup remover to a clean cotton ball and my makeup came off in one easy swipe. I am a huge fan of this product!
Next we have.. Fruit Vines Bites! Yummy, sweet morsels of fruit candy. Available in cherry and strawberry. I really like the flavor of these candies. They remind me of a Twizzler, but fruitier! I like these better than a strawberry Twizzler. They don't have that weird aftertaste like the strawberry Twizzelers do.  They are low fat and contain no preservatives! A great snack for road trips, movie night, picnics, etc. Great size to just pop in your mouth! Available in 2oz, 5oz or 10oz!

Thyme can be used in so many different recipes. I personally like Thyme in my soups. But, you can use Thyme in breakfast casseroles, stuffing, sauces, stews, etc. The options are endless! A Thyme and lemon seasoned chicken sounds reeallly good! Yum! This versatile spice is a must try! Find recipes ~ McCormick

I am a huuuge tea person. But not so much of a minted tea person.. So, I was skeptical about trying this Candy Cane Lane Green Tea from Celestial. I was surprised because the mint flavor was not overbearing. The mint, to me, was more of an aroma rather than a taste. So my house smelled minty and I enjoyed a delicious cup of tea. Added bonus was that it is a green tea. I am all about the green tea! There's a tea for everyone at celestialseasonings.com

EcoTools Sleek + Shine Finisher Hair Brush is made with synthetic boar's hair-like bristles. I really liked this brush because it got down to the scalp. I was afraid that the bristles were going to be too rough for my hair and cause my hair to break and split. But I noticed, especially after styling my hair, that my hair looked shinier! The brush did not work well with wet hair. I recommend using this brush to style your dry hair.

I prefer a lip gloss over a lipstick. Also, I prefer lighter colors over dark. So, I was curious to see how dark of a color this would be on my lips. It looks a lot darker in its form than it did on my lips. After use, my lips felt moisturized and protected. I did not experience any clumping. The lipstick glided on smoothly and evenly. NYC is available in 20 different shades and will last up to 6 hours! (It's true!) Even though I liked this lipstick, I am going to stick with my lip gloss..

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner is available in 10 different shades. It's waterproof, smudge proof and sweat proof. And, safe for sensitive eyes. Which is where I tend to have trouble when using an eyeliner or mascara. Sensitive eyes. I usually find myself with itchy, watery eyes. But, not with this eyeliner. No itchiness or redness due to irritation. I really like the fact that this eyeliner is smudge proof. The eyeliner easily glides over your lid and leaves an even line. I had found a new eyeliner!

And, last but not least.. Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum is suppose to be a great product for your anti-aging regimen. I liked the feel of the serum on my face. It did not leave my face feeling sticky. But, from just using the sample packet, I did not see a noticeable difference. I will have to buy a full sized bottle and get back to ya :)

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I received these products from Influenster for testing purposes. The reviews on my blog are and always will be my 100% honest opinion.


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