Monday, February 16, 2015

Iphone 6 Glass Screen Protector Review

Hello! Brr... It is FREEZING out there! Is it summer yet?? HeHe :) Why not stay in, stay warm and read my blog review for iArrow's IPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector!
Here are 5 Reasons You're Going to LOVE Your iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector:- It protects more of your iPhone 6's screen than other products on the market! (Designed for maximum coverage.)
- 2.5D radians precision cut rounded edge design! (The corners are rounded to provide a comfortable grip and to help deflect shock from bumps and drops.)
- It's practically invisible! (You'll enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing your iPhone 6's screen is protected, but you'll soon forget the Tempered Glass Screen Protector is even there. It's that crystal clear!)
- Easy-application kit included! (Included a cloth, isopropyl alcohol solution and step-by-step guide to make the application of your screen protector a breeze!)
- Backed by an AMAZING Double Guarantee! (Order yours now because you literally RISK NOTHING!)

You've made an investment by purchasing an iPhone 6. Do you agree that protecting that investment so you can enjoy it without stress or worry is a smart move? If so, then your next move should be grabbing your own iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector. 
Includes glass screen protector, alcohol prep pad, a suction cup, microfiber towel and step by step guide.
My Thoughts:
The screen protector was super easy to apply. The little green suction cup that you see in the picture above was a blessing. It really helped with positioning and instead of touching the glass itself, you can use the suction cup as a handle. I noticed while wiping the phone screen with the microfiber towel that the towel was producing a lot of lint. The microfiber towel suppose to remove lint before applying the screen protector. The microfiber towel was actually falling apart. That was my only downfall with this kit. The thickness of the glass is just right. Not too thick, but thick enough to give your phone screen a nice, protectant front. The glass is crystal clear and noticeably thicker.  I'd like to also add that before I put this screen cover on, I had a glass screen cover from Zagg on. Well, within 2 days, it had scratches, chips and a few hairline crack. I have had iArrow's screen protector on for over 2 weeks and it is still brand new. No scratches, chips or cracks. Another point I must point out.. Zagg's screen protector- $39.99. iArrow's- $7.97!! I would recommend this screen protector.


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