Monday, February 16, 2015

Vaxza Iphone 6 Battery Case Review

Hello everyone! Can you believe that its almost Valentine's Day? Where does the time go.. Well, If you need a last minute gift, I have the perfect idea! Check out below.

Need 14 extra hours of talk time or 10 extra hours of browsing time? This case by Vaxza is what you are looking for. The case charges simultaneously alongside your phone through a lightning cable, and comes with 2 exclusive free bonuses -- an extra, clear bumper frame for the case, and an audio jack extender. This case is MFi CERTIFIED meaning it's CERTIFIED TO BE 100% COMPATIBLE with iOS 8, all future iOS upgrades, and ALL iPHONE 6 FUNCTIONS. Don't worry about getting those irritating "not supported by iOS" messages - this case is tested for complete compatibility.

My thoughts:

Provides great protection for your phone. No need to take a car charger with you. You can have that
extra charge, right in your hand! The case is easy to put on. There is a tab on the left side of the phone that you use to separate the top of the case from the bottom. Side in your phone, replace the top and viola! You have yourself extra battery life! The button on the back of the case, when pressed once, tells you how much battery life you have left on the case. Holding down that same button for 3 seconds, will turn on the charge. Lights up blue. The only problem I have stumbled upon while using this case is its a little difficult to press the power button on the actual phone. Other than that, the case charges the phone quickly and the case itself charges quickly, too. The case is ULTRA-LIGHT, DURABLE, and has a bumper design WITHOUT LOOKING BULKY. Protect your phone, while charging! #iphone6vaxza

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