Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Planner with Calendar Review

Hello! How is everyone? Do you like to keep your life organized? If so, I have the perfect planner for you :)
This planner by Tools4Wisdom is designed especially for Bloggers! But don't fret, I believe that this planner is good for anyone and everyone.

My Thoughts

This is my go to planner. It has everything required to keep you scheduled and goal oriented. Instead of having several planners, keep everything organized in one. Like doctors appointments, goals, class schedule, your child's soccer practice, blog posts, etc.

The month starts off with a page for you to put all of your goals for the month. The next two pages contain a full calendar. With a big writing spot for each day. At the bottom of both of these pages, there is a place for you to write down all of your notes and ideas. Then, the rest of the pages, for that month, have time slots for appointments. Starting at 5 am and goes all the way to 9pm. For every day. At the end of that month, there is a page titled Monthly Priorities Masterlist. A place where you can list your top priorities and high values. You have all of these features for each month.

At the very end of the planner, there is a Notes Journal. Where you can keep even more of your thoughts and goals :)

This planner would make a perfect Christmas gift. Or even birthday gift!

Size- 8.5x11



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