Monday, August 17, 2015

Coffee Crazy's Colombian Roast Coffee Review

Hey there! I have more coffee to share with you today. Here is Coffee Crazy's Colombian Roast :) What's your favorite coffee? French Roast, Espresso, Colombian?

 Coffee Crazy's Colombian Roast Coffee is whole bean. It is also Organic and Fair-Trade. You get a 12 oz bag full of delicious smelling beans. The beans grind nicely. And in only a few minutes, you have an awesome cup of coffee. Homemade is always better! Don't you agree?
My Thoughts

I could tell that this coffee was going to be excellent as soon as a I opened the bag. My husband LOVES Coffee Crazy's Colombian blend. He use to drink Peet's coffee. Which he claimed to be his favorite. Well, that's until he had this coffee. He says that it has an excellent flavor and does not taste burnt. When brewed how he likes it, he can drink 8 cups! I know, its a lot but he's a coffee lover!
The price of this coffee might seem like a lot to you. But, when you think about it, you'll spend 3 times more at a coffee shop. And, brewing your own coffee at home allows you to make it how YOU like it. This coffee is worth every penny.
Coffee Crazy's Colombian Roast creates such a smooth and tasty cup of coffee. I have noticed that Coffee Crazy's coffee is less acidic than the other brand of coffee I've had. All you'll need is milk or cream in this coffee. The coffee is not bitter so if you use sugar, try it without sugar and see how you like it.
This coffee is great from the moment you open the bag! I recommend this coffee. Make it a part of your every morning routine. Brewing the coffee and smelling the deliciousness really get us going in the morning :)



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