Monday, August 10, 2015

Nello's Hot & Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce Review and Recipes

 Hey! Nello's Sauces continue to blow my mind. They seriously are good with EVERYTHING! Today, I share with you Nello's Hot & Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce!
It's spicy. It's delicious. It's perfect for any dish :)
The Hot & Spicy Arrabbiata Sauce is made with only the best ingredients:
 Vine-Ripened U.S.-Grown Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Red Pepper Flakes, Basil, Naturally Derived Citric Acid, Black Pepper, Garlic
My Thoughts
It's Hot. It's Spicy. It's great on pasta, meatballs, eggplant parmigiana or pizza. Pour it into a bowl, warm it up and dip your favorite bread into this sauce. Like I've said in my previous posts, all I really need is a big spoon and a jar of Nello's Sauce and I am all set. That's how good it is. But, I made Eggplant Parmigiana and pasta with sausage instead :) I definitiely recommend Nello's Sauces. All. Of. Them! To find a retailer near you, visit
Pasta with Sausage

Here, I just made sausage and a box of noodles. I know, no fun. But, It's a quick an easy meal which can be ready in under 30 minutes :)
1 box of your favorite pasta
1 package of hot or spicy sausage
1 jar of Nello's Hot & Spicy Sauce
Add sausage to a pan. Add a little bit of water or oil to the bottom of the pan. Cook until the sausage is no longer pink inside. Cut into small discs.
Bring a big pot of water to a boil and add the pasta. Follow cook time on package. Drain.
Combine pasta, sausage and sauce in a large pasta bowl. Add grated cheese if desired. Serve while hot!
Easy, no? Enjoy :)
Eggplant Parmigiana 

Here I made Eggplant Parmigiana. One of my favorite Italian dishes. It tastes a while to fry all of the eggplant, but I love doing it. Perfect for a Sunday dinner. Add a nice salad and a homemade loaf of bread and you have a yummy meal :)


2 eggplants thinly sliced (I used my Chef's Envy)
Bread Crumbs
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
1 Jar of Nello's Hot & Spicy Sauce
Oil (Vegetable, Coconut, Extra Virgin Olive Oil)


Thinly slice eggplants using a vegetable slicer. If you do not have one, you can cut them by hand :)

Prepare a large frying pan with your choice of oil. Place on low heat.

While you are waiting for the oil to heat up, its time to bread your eggplant! You'll need 2 bowls. One for your bread crumbs and one for your eggs. Whisk eggs.

First, place your eggplant slice in the egg. Covering both sides. Then place your eggplant slice in the bread crumbs. Covering both sides. Continue until every piece is coated.

Begin frying your eggplant when your oil is hot. I let mine cook for about 2-3 minutes on each side.

You'll also need a metal or glass baking dish. Whatever size you'd like. I used a couple of bread loaf baking dishes.

On the bottom of your baking dish, add a light layer of Nello's Hot & Spicy Sauce and then start placing your cooked eggplant. I put 2 layers of eggplant and then added another layer of sauce. And so on and so on until your eggplant reaches to almost the top of your baking dish. Add mozzarella cheese.

Bake for 30-40 minutes or until the mozzarella cheese is melted and bubbly.

Serve immediately. Enjoy!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or email me at I look forward to reading your comments!

**A BIG thank you to Nello(Neal) for sending me these awesome sauces to try and share with you. And, thank you for allowing me to be a #mombassador!

Stay tuned.. Next I want to make a Tomato Soup! Maybe with Nello's Biodynamic Marinana ;)



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