Monday, October 19, 2015

Be Prepared Period Menstrual Cramp Relief Tea Review

Hey there! Cramps. We can all agree that they stink! With this Cramp Tea, you'll get rid of those stubborn cramps quickly and naturally. Read more below :)

 For all of the women out there, let's stop dreading that time of month and the symptoms that come with it. There is a natural way for us to control those symptoms. With no drugs, caffeine, preservatives, artificial flavors or chemicals, you can be cramp free. This cramp tea contains:

- Organic chase tree berry
- Wild crafted cramp bark
- Organic ginger
- Organic chamomile
- Organic red raspberry leaf
- Parsley

Be Prepared Period Menstrual Cramp Relief Tea is an all-natural organic loose leaf tea made from herbs that have been used to ease menstrual cramps and reduce symptoms of PMS for centuries.

My Thoughts
During my last period, I experienced some pretty bad cramps. I don't get them every month. But when I do, they're pretty bad. Thankfully, I had just received this cramp tea in the mail to test. I try to avoid taking medications. They're just not good for you. So, I was happy to have this tea handy.
It's easy to brew and really works at getting rid of cramps. One brewed cup quickly worked for me. The tea is delicious. It tastes fruity and it's light. I did not have to sweeten it at all.  One of the best teas that I have had.
I experienced less mood swings and more energy after drinking this PMS Tea :) I recommend!
I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinion are my own. Always!
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