Thursday, October 15, 2015

Scentiments Soy Candle Review

Hey there! Today, I share with you a Soy Candle from Scentiments! An awesome soy candle in a vanilla scent. Read my review below :)

Scentiments Candles are hand-made in the USA. When ordering, you can choose from four different titles. The title are Happy Birthday, Family, A Friend and Sister. You also can choose from four different scents. Those scents are Vanilla, Cool Cotton, Cinnamon and Lavender. These candles make a great gift!

The candle comes with a cute tag. On the back there is a "To" and "From" that you can fill in.

My Thoughts

I love this candle. I love the vanilla scent. It makes my whole house smell great. The candle gives off a great amount of scent. It's not overbearing. When the vanilla scent is lit, my house smells like I have something baking. I usually put my lit candles in the kitchen. Which I notice makes the scent travel all throughout the house.

You know how sometimes you light a candle and only the center of the candle melts? Well, you wont experience that with this candle. The candle burns evenly. Which to me means I am getting my monies worth. I believe that that has something to do with the candle being soy.

The candle comes in a cute mason jar. Who doesn't love mason jars? :)

The gift tag is a nice added touch.

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!

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