Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Paper Trax Review

Hello! Today, I  share with you Paper Trax! My son and I first Saw Paper Trax on The Axel Show, a Youtube channel. My son is a huge fan of Axel and his adventures. I quickly contacted Paper Trax to do a blog review. Within a week or two, we were racing cars down our Paper Trax! You can buy Paper Trax in 4 count or 10 count! The box is a bonus trax :)


Paper Trax comes in two cute designs. Both have dinosaurs one them :) Every order comes with Command Strips.

Paper Trax is a completely recyclable, all paper based race track created to race cars. Paper Trax easily attach to your walls with Command Strips. Don't like where you've placed your Paper Trax? Just pull the Command Strip tab! Watch Paper Trax in action HERE!

This is what the tracks look like when put together.

My Thoughts

I did not tell my son that the awesome people at Paper Trax were sending us Paper Trax samples to play with and test. When I opened the package, he was so excited! He immediately wanted to make a cool track for his Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. But, the postman was not very gentle with our package and most of the Paper Trax were wrecked. We were only able to make a short track. In which he had fun on :) The Paper Trax team quickly sent us some more samples. They arrived safely and we started building!

My son plays with his Paper Trax every day. He has so much fun racing his cars down his ramp. He usually has me build a ramp out of cardboard. I must say that it is a lot easier to make a ramp with Paper Trax. I am not good at making ramps out of cardboard! (Thank you, Paper Trax) It's easy to build a custom ramp. All you need to do is put the Paper Trax together, and adhere them to the wall with the Command Strips. They're super sturdy and durable. I have taken our trax off the wall a couple of time. No damage to either the wall or trax! The possibilities are endless! Both my little guys love playing with Paper Trax :)

I recommend Paper Trax to anyone who has a child. Paper Trax = hours of fun!

I received Paper Trax in exchange for my honest review. All opinions written here are my own. Always! Thank you, Paper Trax Team!
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  1. That is a cute idea. I bet my younger nieces and nephews would get a big kick out of this.

  2. Wow - these look so awesome! My son would love these!

  3. Have never heard of these before. My son is a huge car boy I bet you he would absolutely love these.

  4. My boys love ramps and trains and all of that good stuff so this toy would be right up their alley. Anything to help us from going stir crazy this winter.

  5. This is going to keep the little kids busy playing for hours! I will let my friends and cousins know about it. Their kids would love to have Paper Trax!

  6. What a fun idea! I think this is great, definitely something that kids will enjoy!

  7. This is really fun, kids would love this for sure!

  8. My son would have loved this when he was little. He was crazy about toy cars then.

  9. This looks like so much fun. My son would have loved this when he was younger.

  10. Those look like a lot of fun. I know with it being cold out it's hard to get the kids to stay happy.