Monday, May 9, 2016

Hole In Wall Subscription Box Review

Hi there! Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I share with you an awesome subscription box called Hole In Wall! This subscription box lets you explore products from different cities. This box that I am reviewing is full of goodies from Seattle Washington! Hole In Wall is a bi-monthly subscription box.

So, what's in the box?

Orange Honey Hazelnuts from Holmquist Hazelnuts- Delightfully crunchy, sweetened with orange and golden honey to perfection. $6

Dried Bosc Pears from Tiny's Organic- The slow-dried Organic Bosc Pears are both delicious and nutritious. A healthy snack alternative. $3

Healing Hemp Lotion from The Fay Farm- Made with nourishing oils, herbs and essential oils found in help. Gentle on skin. $8

Seattle Salt from Herbn' Farm NW- A touch of sage and lavender gives this salt its unique character and distinctive taste. $7

Vanilla Lemon Lip Balm from Moon Valley Organics- A hint of natural vanilla and lemon essential oil gives it a silky, luscious taste. $3

Boehm's Chocolate Bar from Boehm's Candies- Milk chocolate finely molded and wrapped by hand into the perfectly sized candy bar. $3

Whiskey-smoked Salt Caramels from Jonboy Caramels- Hnad-crafted with local ingredients like Samish Bay Whiskey and Skagit Valley Cream. $10

Pinot Noir Cherries from Chukar- Dried Bing cherries covered with dark chocolate and rich essence of pinot noir wine. $4

Lots of goodies, right?

My Thoughts

Hole In Wall Subsciption Box is full of stuff that you'd find in local mom and pop shops. The products in the Seattle box are products that only the locals know about. That is my Hole In Wall created their subscription box. To get all of us aware of these amazing products! This box is available for international shipping!

My favorites? I am loving the Dried Bosc Pears, Seattle Salt and Vanilla Lemon Lip Balm! The lip balm is so silky. It leaves my lips feel like velvet and I love the smell of it! The Dried Bosc Pears are an awesome snack. I am not a pear fan, but I really love this snack. They're chewy and full of flavor. The Seattle Salt is cool because it has lavender and sage in it. The salt is great on anything! Gives food a unique flavor.

This is by far one of my favorite subscription boxes because it's loaded with stuff I love. I also love this box because there is a great variety of goodies. The Seattle box was amazing! I cannot wait to see what Hole In Wall has in store for their Quebec City Box! Subscribe now!

I received this subscription box in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own! Always!

What are you most excited about trying?


  1. Look at all the good stuff in there. I would love this subscription, too!

  2. I really enjoy subscription boxes that's all about food, especially when you get to taste food that's not available in your local stores. You get a glimpse of what others eat in different places. This sounds like an awesome subscription box!

  3. What a neat idea to test out your local mom and pop shops! Love it and I wonder if they do it here where I live.

  4. I'm sure my wife would love it, I'll tell her about this.

  5. Oh my, I want one of those packages! I've always loved collection-types and with the theme that goes with this one, I would certainly love to try each of every city and state's specialties!

  6. My hubby would LOVE this box! I really need to do something like this for him. Maybe for the holidays!

  7. oh great stuff out there , i would love to try this box

  8. wow having a subscription box gives you an elated feeling of excitement since you know it is full of varieties. I also want to have the Vanilla Lemon Balm, looks good

  9. That looks like an awesome subscription box! I love subscription boxes like these too. I think this would be a great one to get.

  10. What a cute name! This would be so fun to check out different cities by these products.

  11. These are all a good stuff, I love subscription box

  12. I really enjoy subscription boxes that's all about food, especially when you get to taste food amazing
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