Monday, July 18, 2016

LilGadgets Connect + Children's Headphones Review

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I share with you LilGadgets Connect + Children's Headphones! Designed for a child, these headphones only go up to a certain volume. The max volume is set at 93db with internal 40mm drivers and a range of 20Hz to 20kHz. These headphones are good for kiddos aged 2-8. A portion of each purchase goes towards bullying prevention in schools and minimizing the environmental impact of your purchase.

Connect + Children's Wired Headphones feature Shareport Technology. This means that the headphones can be connected to another pair of LilGadgets Headphones. Two kiddos can listen to music or watch a TV show together. The headphones are portable and come with a carrying case and a 4ft. premium nylon braided, 3.5mm audio cable with inline microphone. All of LilGadget's Headphones come with a 1 year warranty.

My Thoughts

These are really great for kids. Kids don't need an expensive pair of headphones. They need a headphone that is designed for them as well and a headphone that'll protect their ears from super loud volumes. These headphones can be used with traveling in a car, while flying or while relaxing at the beach. They make great gifts!

My 3 year old loves these headphones. He likes to wear them when he is playing ABC Mouse on his iPad. I love the fact that the volume only goes up to a certain level. I don't have to worry about my son ruining his hearing. The headband, which is made of polycarbonate is comfortable on his head. It can easily be adjusted to fit his head. The section that goes over his ears is made from comfortable SoftTouch fabric. These great headphones are perfect for him. He uses them every day. I highly recommend them.

I received LilGagets Connect + Headphones in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!

Available on Amazon | $20


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