Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Botticelli Foods Review

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I share with you products from Botticelli Foods! Botticelli Foods contacted me to see if I wanted to review their Angel Hair Pasta, Tomato & Basil Sauce and their Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I love Italian food, I couldn't say no! Review and photos below :)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Botticelli's Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains the highest quality olives that are carefully selected. It is derived from the natural, unprocessed product of the first pressing of olives, and has the characteristic dark green color, full-fruit flavor and rich aroma. Botticelli's EVOO is great for sautéing, frying, or for drizzling on top of your favorite salads or foods.
Available in 8.4 oz., 16.9 oz., 25.3 oz., 33.8 oz. and 50.7 oz. bottles, and 67.6 oz. and 101.4 oz. tins. Starting at $3.99.
Tomato & Basil Sauce

Botticelli Foods uses 100% high quality Italian tomatoes. They make their sauces from scratch and in small batches. Their Tomato & Basil sauce contains a special blend of spices and all natural ingredients.
Available in 24 oz. jars. $7.99
Angel Hair Pasta
Botticelli's pasta is made with 100% Italian Semolina. Their pastas are made with non-GMO ingredients and they are USDA approved. The pastas are all natural. They contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients.
Available in 16 oz. packages. $1.99

My Thoughts

The pasta cooks in 4 minutes. Yes, 4 minutes! My husband and I agreed that this angel hair pasta is the best pasta we have ever had. It cooks nicely and it cooks fast! When cooked Al Dente, the pasta is amazing!

The Tomato & Basil Sauce is amazing, too. I could tell just by tasting the sauce that it is made with only the best ingredients. The sauce has a great taste and it tastes homemade. Your guests would never know that it came out of a jar! This sauce can be used for making pizzas.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fantastic! I love sautéing and frying with it. Botticelli Foods is not lying when they say that they use only the best olives. Every household should have at least one bottle of Botticelli's EVOO.

Botticelli Foods makes it super easy to create a delicious meal in under 20 minutes. Grab some Botticelli Foods products and your family and make them a meal that they won't forget :)

I received Botticelli Foods products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!



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