Friday, August 12, 2016

Mama Bear Candles Review

Hello! Welcome to A Sampling Bee. Today, I share with you Mama Bear Candles. This is a brand new candle company that is based in Connecticut (my home state). Mama Bear Candles are hand crafted. Each candle is individually hand poured. Mama Bear Candles are unlike any candle that I have seen before.

Mama Bear Candles are all-natural. They are made with soy wax. Soy wax is natural, healthy and it burns clean and slow. Mama Bear Candles carefully selects and combines scents to create an amazing experience. They carry a variety of scents including florals, Woods, Citrus, Earth, Herbal and Spices.

Mama Bear Candles come wrapped beautifully. A nice white box, wrapped with twine and a cute bear paw print sticker. Perfect for a gift!

 Citrus Bloom
 Sweet Peach
White Lilac
My Thoughts
Mama Bear Candles burn nicely. They burn very slowly and clean. As the wick burns, the wax melts evenly in its glass container. The candles have a nice scent. Not too strong, just perfect! I love the smell of these 3 candles. Especially when they are burning. I also love the smell of the soy wax. It just smells clean. I feel a lot better about burning soy wax versus regular wax in my home.
These 3 scents that Mama Bear Candles created are wonderful. I love each one of them. They give my home a soft scent. The scent lasts, too. After snuffing the candle, my home smells good for hours after. I highly recommend Mama Bear Candles.  
Grab a few of Mama Bear Candles for your home. They are great to burn every day. The holidays are right around the corner. A candle makes a great gift!
I received product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!
SHOP | 12 oz. $18, 2 oz. $15


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