Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Aroma Getaway Subscription Box Review- August

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I share with you Aroma Getaway Subscription Box- August. This month's theme is The Wild West! Each item in the Aroma Getaway box is carefully curated. Aroma Getaway delivers a vacation for your senses. Right to your front door!

So, what's inside?..

Custom Handmade Wood Burned Key Chain from Handmade for Men - Made from cherry wood, this key chain was made exclusively for Aroma Getaway. $10

4 Corners Map from National Geographic - A map and guide for travelers. $11.95

Variety of 3 Tea Bags from Native American Tea Company -  This tea company specializes in formulating herbs, flowers and roots into high quality teas. Their teas are inspired by Native American Indian Traditions. $1

Dueling Rubber Band Six Shooter from Tin Toy Arcade - A fun toy! Practice your aim or annoy your co-workers. $6.98

Cactus Candy from Amelio Enterprises - Some Cacti are edible. This candy contains Prickly Pear Cactus! $1

Carson City Wandering Cowboy Scented Candle from By The Bay Botanicals - A candle that smells masculine. Just like a cowboy- musk, woodsy and sandalwood. This candle is made from palm wax. $5.50

Tombstone Sarsaparilla Sharpshooter set of 4 tea lights from By The Bay Botanicals - This scent is close to the smell of root beer! The scent is inspired by wild west gun fights that would break out over a poker game gone wrong. $5.50

San Antonio Saddlery Car Freshener from By The Bay Botanicals - This car freshener has a leather scent to it. $2.95

Cheyenne Clery Sage Wax Tarts from By The Bay Botanicals - These tarts smell like sage. This earthy scent is great for calming nerves and dispelling evil spirits. $6.95

My Thoughts

The Wild West Box from Aroma Getaway sure had me feeling like I was a cowgirl in the wild west. Everything from the scented candles to the cactus candy made my experience of the wild west perfect. Each item is carefully chosen. This subscription box inspires me and makes me want to travel. I really love opening Aroma Getaway's subscription box each month.

I received a free subscription box in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!

SUBSCRIBE | $32.95/monthly


  1. That sounds awesome. I would love to get this in my mail every month.

  2. This box will definitely indulge your craving for some good smelling items! I think it's a pretty awesome box, I am loving those candles and I'm really curious about that cactus candy!

  3. This looks like such a fun box to get in the mail. I'm sure every month is a surprise.

  4. I'm loving the western theme of this month's box. What a nice variety of things to try out.

  5. That prickly pear candy sounds good. I think there's some pretty interesting things in this box. What fun surprises.

  6. Love this subscription box. I will share this with my daughter, I am so sure she will love it.

  7. I like unboxing subscription boxes. I like the sage was tarts, sounds interesting.

  8. I super love the key chain. I am huge fan of subscription box, they all look very useful.

  9. that teabags and scented candles looks amazing ofcourse everything in the box is pretty! i dont know about this subscription box, will check it out!

  10. You did get a lot of good stuff this August. I have a few subscription boxes but none of them is as awesome as this Aroma Getaway. I'm checking them out and maybe sign up! Thanks for the review.

  11. Oooo what an interesting subscription box! I'm going to have to look more into this one for myself!