Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CrateChef Curated by Chef Jason Dady Review

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I am sharing with you another awesome CrateChef Subscription Box! This awesome, bi-monthly subscription box allows you to nourish your inner chef! When you subscribe to CrateChef, you'll receive a box full of top-name chef curated favorites! Boxes may include a selection of local artisan food products, useful kitchen items, selected recipes and a letter from the chef. Recipients will be delighted to discover new chef-selected food and other products, delivered right to their door. This CrateChef box was curated by Chef Jason Dady. Chef Dady is the owner of 7 successful restaurants and was voted Best Local Chef in San Antonio in 2013. His selection of goodies is amazing. Look what's inside below!

So, what's in Chef Jason Dady's box?..

Kewpie Mayonnaise- A Mayonnaise that's made entirely with egg yolks and a unique blend of vinegars. It contains no high fructose corn syrup. This mayonnaise is perfect for sandwiches, potato salad or as a veggie dip.

Premium Microplane Zester/Grater- This new version has a soft-touch handle and non-scratch end tabs grates even the hardest Parmesan Reggiano into fine lacy wisps. An effortless citrus zester that should be found in every kitchen.

Susie's Southern Forty Texas Trash Mix- The ultimate party snack. This snack is loaded with cereals, pretzels, fancy pecans and drenched in vanilla coating and then dusted with powdered sugar. YUM!

Cuisine Perel Blood Orange Vinegar- Intensify any dressing with this yummy vinegar. Also great for adding awesome flavor to your marinades or sauces. Pour this vinegar over fresh fruit or add a little extra flavor to your wild rice.

Gochujang Red Pepper Paste- A popular savory and spicy Korean condiment. It's made from red chili, glutinous rice, fermented soy beans and salt. Dip your favorite veggies in the red pepper paste or add flavor to a marinade.

Kuhn Rikon Swiss Peeler- This ultra-sharp peeler helps your peel your fruits and veggies with ease. It's ergonomic design is designed for both right or left-handed people. It also offers a convenient potato eye remover.

Marcona Almonds- Spain's most prized possession in the form of a smooth, tan almond. These are know as the "Queen of Almonds". They are sweet and softer than most almonds. The almonds are peeled, fried in sunflower oil and salted to highlight the almond flavor.

My Thoughts

Another awesome box from Cratechef! I love getting this subscription box because it's such a nice surprise to open it up and not know what's inside. I also love the fact that I get to try new foods and products. Ever item in Chef Dady's box are items that I have not tried or heard of. He picked a lot of awesome products for his chef curated box. I would love to have the privilege of eating at one of his restaurants someday.

I am loving every product in this box. The peeler is amazing. The zester is amazing. Susie's Texas Trash and the almonds are everyone's favorite in my house. Delicious! I look forward to trying the Red Pepper Paste as well as the mayonnaise. Oh, and the vinegar is the best over a nice, cold salad!

I received a CrateChef Subscription Box in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!

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