Thursday, February 23, 2017

IFME Children's Shoes - Spring Collection 2017


Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today,I share with you the cutest children's shoes from IFME! The shoes that I am sharing with you are from IFME's new Spring Collection for 2017. IFME is a Japanese shoe brand that was first launched in 1999. It wasn't until last year, 2016, that IFME's children's shoes came into the USA. IFME is a company that deeply cares about customer satisfaction as well as making supportive shoes for children to help their feet develop properly. IFME works directly with Dr. Torri, professor at Waseda Universtiy's division of Sports Sciences, as a part of an academic-industrial alliance. As a result, IFME offers unique features and design elements that support the foot's movement and help muscles exert their full potential.

IFME shoes are washable, functional and have removable insoles. As I read on IFME's website, studies show that an increasing number of children suffer from flat feet. To promote correct foot position and posture,  IFME has developed a unique functional insole that allows the toes to splay and advances healthy arch development. Learn more about the insoles HERE. IFME Shoes also have "MOFF" or Marvelous Odor Free Fiber. This is a natural cotton-based deodorizing fiber mechanically treated by superior nanotechnology. "MOFF" absorbs 150 times as much ammonia odor as activated charcoal at 20 times the speed. The shoes have Velcro straps and do not require any tying.

My Thoughts

I love IFME because they are the cutest! I also love them because they are reasonably priced. For those of you who have kids, you know that kids grow out of their shoes what seems like in 2 days! I also love that they don't smell. My sons played in the dirt, down by a creek where they got them wet, at the park and during road trips. And not once did I get any odors coming from their shoes. I purposely made my boys put their IFME Shoes to the test. I wanted to see how they would wash in the washing machine. After washing them, they were like new. It is recommended that you air dry them. Which I did anyways to see how long they took to dry. I placed them in the washing machine around 8 pm one night and by the next morning, they were 100% dry.

As you can see in this photo, my sons were both so excited to try on their new shoes. My youngest, pictured left, calls his shoes his "basketball shoes". My oldest son, pictured right, calls his shoes 'awesome". As I was taking photos of the shoes, there were moments when a shoe would go missing or a cute face or hand would appear in the photo.

The name IFME is short for "IF it was ME", which is super cute. The shoes pictured here are from IFME's Spring Collection. The name of this shoe style is "Scout". IFME Shoes come in a wide variety of colors and styles. There are also sizes available for baby. :)


To end, we are very happy with our IFME Shoes. They are not falling apart, they are not uncomfortable for their feet, and the shoes and feet don't smell. I highly recommend IFME!
I received IFME's shoes in exchange for my honest review. All opinions written here are my own. Thank you to IFME & Marla White for allowing me to write a review! :)
For more information on IFME's Shoes,  check out there website at
BUY || $40-45


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