Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a Bowl of Blount Soup

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! St. Patrick's Day is this Friday! I can't believe that it is here already. Don't have time to make Corned Beef and Cabbage this year? If not, grab a couple of containers of Blount Organic Soups at your local grocer and have a yummy St. Patrick's Day dinner ready in no time! Today, I am sharing with you two Blount Soups- Cheddar Broccoli and Coconut Lentil! Yummy!

Blount Soups are made with the finest and freshest ingredients. Ingredients that are sourced locally and then made into delicious soups by Blount's diverse Culinary Team. Blount Organic Soups are Organic and come in 8 flavors. Flavors include: Tomato Bisque, Cheddar Broccoli, Chicken Noodle, Chicken Tortilla, Coconut Lentil, Ancient Grain Minestrone, Savory Harvest Bisque & Vegetarian Chili. Some of the soups listed here are gluten-free, some are vegan and some are vegetarian. Click HERE for individual product details.

 Cheddar Broccoli- Generous pieces of organic broccoli, creamy sharp Cheddar cheese and a touch of spice.
Coconut Lentil- A robust vegetarian lentil soup with a mild coconut curry broth.
My Thoughts
I love these two flavors! They're both creamy and filling. Which is perfect for the cold weather that we have been getting here in Maryland. The Cheddar Broccoli has huge chunks of  yummy broccoli and the cheddar is just delicious. The Coconut Lentil is loaded with lentils and has a slight coconut taste. The Coconut Lentil flavor also has carrots and spinach in it. I love Blount Soups because they are delicious and healthy for you. Which flavor would you like to try?
I received Blount Organic Soups in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. Always!
Visit http://www.blountorganic.com/ for more information.



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