Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Pacific Gold Beef Jerky Review

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I share with you Pacific Gold Beef Jerky! Pacific Gold marinates their USDA certified cuts of steak in marinade for over 24 hours. Adding a variety of spices and seasonings to leave their jerky with a smoky flavor. The meat is then slow cooked for a tender bite. Their jerky is made with thoughtfully sourced authentic ingredients. Ingredients that's are gourmet and deliver awesome taste. All of their jerky products are made in the USA from U.S. or imported beef.

Pacific Gold's Jerky does not contain any artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup or preservatives. Pacific Gold's mission states, " When it comes to quality and flavor, we don't just want our jerky to be good. we want it to be as good as it gets." Pacific Gold's Jerky comes in 5 amazing flavors: 

Bourbon Glazed
Charred oak barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon hand-blended spices. Ingredients: beef, brown sugar, water, bourbon, salt, sugar, spices and natural flavorings- maple syrup concentrate, pineapple juice concentrate, soy sauce & lemon juice concentrate. This flavor contains soy and wheat. 70 calories per serving, 7 grams of sugar, 250mg of sodium.

Sweet Korean BBQ Recipe
Slow roasted pork, brown sugar, tamari soy sauce and toasted sesame seeds. Sweet & Savory. Ingredients: pork, sugar, brown sugar, water, tamari soy sauce, salt, spices & natural flavorings, sesame seeds and sesame seed oil. This flavor contains soy & sesame. 90 calories per serving, 9 grams od sugar, 260mg of sodium.
Japanese Style Teriyaki
 Marinated premium cuts of steak in a delicious blend of soy, pineapple and ginger. Creating a rich, authentic teriyaki taste. Ingredients: beef, water, brown sugar, soy sauce, sugar, agave syrup, pineapple juice concentrate, spices and natural flavorings, honey, ginger juice, garlic juice and sea salt. This flavor contains soy and wheat. 70 calories per serving, 7 grams of sugar, 135mg of sodium.
Texas Steakhouse Recipe
Paired with a wonderful blend of hardwood smoke, savory and salty notes, garlic, onion and paprika. Ingredients: beef, brown sugar, sugar, water, salt, beef stock, spices and natural flavorings, natural smoke flavor, soy sauce and paprika. This flavor contains soy and wheat. 70 calories per serving 6 grams of sugar, 470mg of sodium. 

Carne Asada
 Crafted to evoke the timeless cast iron-seared flavor. Paired with jalapenos and red peppers. Ingredients: beef, sugar, brown sugar, water, beef stock, salt, spices and natural flavorings & natural smoke flavor. 13g of protein, 420mg of sodium, 0g saturated fat, 80 calories per serving.

Left to right: Sweet Korean BBQ, Japanese Style Teriyaki, Carne Asada, Texas Steakhouse & Bourbon Glazed.
Pictured: Texas Steakhouse Recipe
My Thoughts

I love Pacific Gold's Jerky not only for their flavors, but because of the sodium content in each serving. The sodium content is way lower than some of the other jerky brands that I have tried. Each 3 ounce bag of Pacific Gold Jerky contains 3 servings so there is plenty to share. Pacific Gold's flavors are amazing. I especially like their Teriyaki and Texas Steakhouse flavors. I love how their jerky is all natural and does not contain any yucky additives or artificial flavors. Everything that Pacific Gold uses to make their jerky is only the best. The texture of their jerky is perfect. Not too tough and not too moist. Pretty perfect, if you ask me! I highly recommend Pacific Gold's Jerky. Which flavor would you like to try??

For more information and to find out where to buy Pacific Gold Jerky, visit BUY now!

I received free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Always!



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