Sunday, June 11, 2017

Royalty Pecan Farms Review

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I share with you Royalty Pecan Farms' goodies! This family owned pecan farm that works all year long to deliver delicious pecans. Royalty Pecan Farms pecan are grown 100% naturally in Texas floodplains. These Texas floodplains contain the perfect soil for pecans. Royalty Pecan Farms adheres to the sustainable agriculture growing model. All of Royalty Farms' flavored pecan delicacies are lightly coated with the intention to enhance, not disguise, the taste of the premium grade pecan used in all of their products. Royalty Pecan Farms does not use any preservatives in their products.

Royalty Pecan Farms has a wide range of products. Including In Shell Pecans, Shelled Pecans, Flavored Pecans and Pecan Delicacies. Other items available include coffee, breads, pies and jams. Royalty Pecan Farms starts harvesting their pecans in late October and harvesting lasts until December. Here are a few products that Royalty Pecan Farms sent me to try:

Premium Halved Pecans
Beautifully plump, golden Premium Royalty Pecan Halves are the cream of the crop. Enjoy these shelled natural halves by the handful or use them to enhance your favorite recipes.
Premium Pecan Pieces
Bite sized chunks of shelled Premium Royalty Pecan Pieces are a great topping and addition to recipes. Feature Royalty Pecan in your own gourmet creations or send a gift to your favorite cook.

Tex Mex Pecans
Just a touch of spiciness is added to these savory roasted pecans. Devour these pecans as an alternative to chips or use them to accent your trail mix or party mix.

This tempting treat recreates the down-home sensation of buttery cinnamon toast without the fuss. Royalty Pecan Farms' not-too-sweet, oh-so-tasty, crisply cinnamon delicacy is also the ideal topping for ice cream or breakfast cereal.
Royalty Pecan Pie
Homemade buttery crust filled with caramelized Royalty Pecans in a rich, delicious filling enhanced with their secret ingredients.
My Thoughts

Royalty Pecan Farms has the best pecans. They're flavorful, moist and large in size. The pecans make a great snack. Especially the Tex Mex flavor. The Cinnapecans are full of a cinnamon flavor and make a great dessert. The pie, oh my goodness, the Pecan Pie is AMAZING! The crust on the pecan pie is the best crust that I have ever had. The best! My youngest son loves the Cinnapecans. He ate most of the bag over a couple of days. My favorite obviously was the pecan pie. :)

I have had several other brands of pecans and none of them compare to Royalty Pecan Farms. The halved pecans and the pecan pieces are great for anything. I put them in salads, on top of my yogurt and in my oatmeal. These 2 products are so versatile. I highly recommend all of Royalty Pecan Farms' products. I look forward to trying more and hopefully visiting their store front soon.
Royalty Pecan Farms offer tours. They also have events and a store front. Visit them:

10600 State Highway 21 E
Caldwell, TX 77836-8571
Toll Free: (800) 694-8362
Local: (979) 272-3904
Open Mon-Sat, 10:00-5:00pm

 I received Royalty Pecan Farms products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


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