Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Daily Goodie Box Review

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! I love getting a Daily Goodie Box shipped to my door every now and then. Daily Goodie Box allows you to try products before you go out and buy them. All you need to do in exchange for tons of free samples is leave your review on each product on their website! Shipping is free and the best way to get qualified for one of their boxes is to like, comment and share their Facebook posts. See what was inside the box below. :)

Prince of Peace Mango Ginger Chews are 100% all natural. They are an easy, convenient and tasty way to enjoy ginger. They have a delight balance of sweet and spicy ginger taste with a pleasant chewy texture.

Napz All Natural Short-term Sleep Aid allows you to wake up refreshed! These veggie capsules are non-habit forming and drug free. Just take 2 capsules 20-30 minutes before bed.

BiPro Protein Water contains 20 grams of protein. This protein water contains caffeine, is naturally sweetened and doesn't contain any fat, sugar or carbs. It is also lactose free and gluten free.

Andalou Beauty is Renewal Face Cream contains fruit stem cell complex, vitamin C and probiotic microflora. These ingredients uplift tone for a lighter, tighter and brighter looking appearance and a luminous complexion.

Goodwipes Down There Wipes are flushable and 100% biodegradable. They contain soothing aloe and vitamin E. These wipes are convenient and perfect for on-the-go!

Herbal Zap Digestive Support is an instantly dissolving herbal supplement. It is designed to soother and support the digestive system, easing irritation from acidic, overly spicy foods or sensitivities.

Choice Organic Teas are Fair Trade Certified and non-GMO. Choice Organic Teas were the first exclusively organic tea crafted in the USA. The flavors I got to try were Shitake Turmeric and Reishi Matcha.

Good Natured Selects Veg-ables are light and snack-able and include several nutrients extracted from wholesome vegetables like spinach, carrots, and tomatoes. With the great taste and crispy bite, this is the wholesome snack your whole family will enjoy!

My Thoughts

I love trying before I buy. I have never tried any of these products in this box before. That's what is so great about Daily Goodie Box. This is the third time that I have qualified for a box and each time, the box is loaded with awesome products. They always have a great variety.

My favorites: Goodwipes, Choice Organic Teas(Reishi Matcha), the ginger chews and the renewal face cream.

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