Wednesday, June 20, 2018

June's Degusta Box USA Review

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I am sharing with you my review for June's Degusta Box USA! Degusta Box is the best snack/food subscription box out there. The box contains 9-14 full-sized products each month. Every month's box is a complete surprise. You do not know what's inside until it arrives at your door step! Degusta Box USA costs only $19.99 a month! So, if you love snacks, drinks and meal prep items, subscribe to Degusta Box!

Zollipops are sugar-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and kosher. These lollipops are parent approved because they help keep kid's teeth clean! Enjoy 3 pops per day for a cleaner, healthier smile! $3.99

Tickle Water is a naturally flavored sparkling water that was created with kids in mind, but can be enjoyed by all ages. This lightly carbonated sparkling water is free of sugar, sweeteners, sodium, preservatives and zero calories! $1.29

Goya's Tortillas are enjoyed worldwide as a main ingredient in quesadillas, tacos, burritos or wraps! These corn tortillas are a Mexican staple! $2.29


That's It is a snack company dedicated to simple and easy ingredients. Their delicious bars are made from real fruits, veggies and dark chocolate. $1.69

True Citrus is perfect for water, tea, smoothies and recipes. True Lemon is free of any sugar, zero carbs, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors, no preservatives, no sodium and is gluten-free. 1 packet of True Lemon = 1 lemon wedge. 2 packets = 1TBSP of lemon juice.

Mutti Peeled Tomatoes have their skin removed and then they are immersed into a delicious, velvety passata. Processing happens within 24 hours or harvesting to preserve the authentic taste of freshly picked tomatoes. They're perfect for traditional Mediterranean recipes. $2.99

Walkers Vanilla Shortbread is light, airy and has a crumby texture. These shortbread cookies are made using Walkers original shortbread recipe and real vanilla. All of Walkers products are made with the finest natural ingredients. $4.49

Goya Low Sodium Black Beans are a part of Goya's "Better For You" products. These black beans are plump, whole, tender and contain 70% less sodium than the original. $0.99

Lundberg Family Farms Cinnamon Sugar Chips are perfectly sweet and are as good as your imagination hopes. These chips are made from red rice and quinoa! $3.49

Goya Sazonador Total Seasoning goes well on meats, poultry and fish. Add a touch of Sazonador Total Seasoning to salads, soups, sauces and vegetables. $3.59

My Thoughts

This month contained a wide variety of products! I really enjoyed sampling each one of them. A few of which I have tried before. But, it was great to enjoy them again.

The shortbread cookies are SO good! I love them because they melt in my mouth and go really well with tea or coffee. I love Goya's products. Their Beans are great for soups, chili, salads and nachos. I loving using their corn tortillas to make yummy tacos. The seasoning is new to me, but I like it a lot! I have tried the cinnamon sugar chips before and I was happy to see them in this months box. I cannot even tell that they are made from rice and quinoa. They're lightly sweetened and oh so good!

Zolli Pops- my kids love them! These are great because I can throw a few into my purse and allow my boys to enjoy a healthy lollipop on the go. I love that they help keep their smile fresh and bright! Tickle Water is the coolest idea for sparkling water! My boys loved the watermelon flavor. A great beverage for them to enjoy on a hot summer day.

Mutti Tomatoes are my favorite tomatoes to use to make homemade sauces and tomato soup. Their tomatoes are really flavorful and great for so many different recipes. I have been using True Lemon for a while now and I love to add a packet or two to my ice cold water. I also use True Lemon when making my favorite Lemon Loaf! These packets make it a lot easier to enjoy lemon. No squeezing! I have also had That's It Bars before and I love them, too! It's so good to know that their bars are made with natural fruits and veggies.  Low in calories, too! They make a great snack or breakfast! I love the zesty kick to this That's It Bar. So good!

My kiddos enjoying their Zolli Pops!
I received Degusta Box USA in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, always!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Brooklyn Bean Roastery's Cocomocha Coffee Review + Giveaway!

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Raise your hand if you love an amazing flavored coffee! Meet Brooklyn Bean Roastery's Cocomocha Coffee! This flavor is a seasonal flavor that is only available in the summer. Cocomocha is a delicious mix of creamy chocolate and sweet coconut. Cocomocha Coffee from BBR, comes in convenient k-cups. This way, your favorite BBR Coffee can be enjoyed anywhere! Just remember to recycle!

A little background on Brooklyn Bean Roastery:

Brooklyn Bean Roastery was founded in 2010. They select the highest quality beans from all around the world to make their amazing coffee. Then, they slow roast their coffees to give them a robust flavor. The carefully balanced roasting process creates aromatic, authentic tasting coffees and brings out the finest flavor in each bean to produce an exceptional cup of coffee. Their coffees are roasted right in New York. BBR's goal is to provide a great cup of coffee that reminds you of the sights and sounds of Brooklyn. Brooklyn Bean Roastery is a part of the Two Rivers Coffee family.

My Thoughts

Cocomocha is a great coffee to enjoy either iced or hot. But, seeing that it is a seasonal flavor, I love drinking my Cocomocha iced! Cocomocha is a very smooth coffee with just a hint of coconut and chocolate. It's not bitter at all. It's a flavor that I can drink all summer long! Ilove it! Brooklyn Bean Roastery has a few seasonal flavors but this is one of my favorites. The k-cups make it a lot easier for me to enjoy my morning coffee. I am a busy mom of two who needs to brew a cup of coffee quickly! ;)

I received free BBR Coffee in exchange for my blog review. All opinions are my own, always!


One winner will win a 40 count box of Cocomocha k-cups from Brooklyn Bean Roastery! Entries will be verified. US only, please!
Monday, June 11, 2018

Farm and Oven Bakery Bites Review + GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to A Sampling Bee Blog! Today, I am sharing with you Farm and Oven's Bakery Bites! As we all know, we need at least 5 servings of veggies, in our diet, everyday. Why not get them deliciously? Farm and Oven's mission is to make amazingly crave-able foods that make healthy eating joyful. Each Bakery Bite serving- 3 bites- contain 40% of your daily veggies! Farm and Oven's Bakery Bites are the tastiest way to get your veggies!

Left to right: Pumpkin Maple Pecan, Beet Dark Chocolate, Carrot Cinnamon & Zucchini Lemon Poppy Seed.

Farm and Oven's Bakery Bites are high in fiber as well as contain 1 billion probiotics. One serving of bites(depending on flavor) is 160-180 calories. Each bite contains real veggies and pure, every day baking ingredients. They're low in sugar, low in sodium, high in fiber and contain vitamin A & C. Farm and Oven Bakery Bites come in 4 amazing flavors:
  • Beet Dark Chocolate
  • Zucchini Lemon Poppy Seed
  • Carrot Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin Maple Pecan
The Bakery bites do not contain ant artificial flavors, colors or added preservatives. They are sweetened with Vermont maple syrup. The Bakery Bites contain the probiotics Bacillus Coagulans & GBI-30 6086.

My Thoughts

I love Farm and oven's Bakery Bites because they are all natural, healthy and because they are so flavorful! These Bakery Bites have a moist, soft texture. They're full of yummy veggies and I love that my kids don't even know it! I have two picky eaters at home and I cannot get them to eat enough veggies. I love enjoying my bakery bites with a hot cup of tea or coffee. They make a great breakfast, snack and even a great dessert! My favorite flavors are the Carrot Cinnamon and the Pumpkin Maple Pecan. The Carrot Cinnamon bites taste just like carrot cake. I am in awe by these bakery bites. They are absolutely delicious!

I received Farm and Oven Bakery Bites in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, always!

Enter to win one Variety Box of Farm and Oven Bakery Bites AND a $5 Starbucks gift card! One winner will be chosen and contacted via email. US entries only. Entries will be verified. Prize fulfilled by Farm and Oven. Good luck! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

May's NOSEJOY Subsciption Box Review

Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I am sharing my review on May's NOSEJOY Subscription Box! NoseJoy Box is a monthly subscription box that delivers great smelling good right to your door! Each month, your box will contain 4-5 full-sized or luxury travel sized products. Scents in the boxes are always curated to the seasons. NoseJoy Boxes contain items such as scented candles, lotions, soaps, lip balm, etc. "Subscribe today and get a better smelling life!"

Sea Salt & Sage Candle from Paddywax allows you to bring the urban garden indoors. This candle contains notes of ocean air, citrus, lily, moss and driftwood. Hand poured in the USA. $10

Lavender Towelettes from Herban Essentials are made with the highest quality pure essential oils. Calming lavender essential oil works great as a sleep aid or as a bug repellent. $7

Rosemary Mint Deodorant from Smartypits allows you to go aluminum-free. This deodorant works hard to attack the root cause of odor. The vegetable based powders and oils help absorb and wick away wetness. This deodorant contains rosemary and lavender oils and peppermint. $4.99

Petitgrain Basil Intensive Hand Cream from Illume is a cream that you'll want to smell all day! The herby fragrance includes torn garden basil leaves surrounding peppery petitgrain, zesty lemon and deep vetiver. Refine your skin with nourishing coconut, jojoba, avocado oils, cocoa and mango butters. $14

My Thoughts

I may have said this before but.. NOSEJOY is my favorite skincare/home subscription box! Ever month, NOSEJOY contains the best smelling lotions, creams, lip gloss, candles, etc. May's theme was Earthy Herbs and I got to say, the products in this box are scents from a garden!

The cute and candle comes in a concrete vessel that can be repurposed. The candle smells amazing. I can really smell the driftwood and citrus in it. The candle is made from soy and it burns evenly. I can't wait to see what else Paddywax has to offer. This candle makes a wonderful gift!

The Lavender Towelettes I love to use everyday. I like using them to remove my makeup as well as use them as a bug repellent. The towelettes wipe away germs and can be put into your purse, backpack or over night bag. Take them with you to the beach or on long road trips and be able to freshen up anywhere! Love these a lot! They smell really good.

I love using an all natural, aluminum-free deodorant. This deodorant from Smartypits smells really good and really does keep my smelly, sweaty pits under control. It does on smooth and it doesn't leave any white marks on my clothes. Smartypits hand makes all of their deodorants in small batches. This deodorant is a great, healthy alternative to regular deodorants. I love the 0.35 ounce size because it fits right in my makeup bag!

The Petitgrain Basil Hand Cream is my new favorite hand cream. I have never used a hand cream that smells this good! I noticed that even after hours of applying the hand cream that I could still smell it! I noticed that I kept smelling my hands because them smelled SO good! The scents go so well together. My hands are so soft and nourished. :)

What product/s would you like to try from May's box? If you'd like your very own NOSEJOY box, SUBSCRIBE today!

I received NOSEJOY in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, Always!

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