Monday, September 17, 2018

Bear Nibbles Bear Yo Yo's Fruit Rolls Review

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog, A Sampling Bee. I was SO excited to work with this next brand that I am about to share with you. My sons LOVE fruit rolls so I was so excited to share these with them. Meet Bear Yo Yo's Fruit Rolls from Bear Nibbles! These Fruit Rolls contain 1 cup of fruit per pack. Bear Yo Yo's are packed with fruits and veggies. Which means that they are also packed with vitamins and minerals. Bear Yo Yo's are high in fiber and great for your teeth because they are naturally sweetened.

Bear Yo Yo's come in 4 yummy flavors: Mango, Raspberry, Apple & Strawberry. Each Fruit Roll contains real ingredients. Ingredients that have grown on trees and fields. The Yo Yo's are baked slowly and never contain any ingredients other than the fruits, veggies or grains. Each pack of Yo Yo's comes with a colorful card. There are 80 adventure cards to collect in total. My boys love opening up a new pack to see which fun adventure card they got. Each adventure card has a little blurb on the back about the featured place. Down below are the 5 cards we got in the packs that I reviewed. My boys were so excited to find that one of the packs had 2 cards in it!


Mango Yo Yo's- mango, apple and pear.
Rasberry Yo Yo's- raspberries, apple, pear and black currants.
Apple Yo Yo's- apple, pear and a little spirulina.
Strawberry Yo Yo's- strawberries, apple, pear and black currants.

That's it! Yo Yo's don't contain any other ingredients. Just fresh fruit, veggies and grains. No additives, no preservatives, no added sugar, no added coloring...NOTHING!

My Thoughts

Bear Nibbles Yo Yo's are fruit strips that are rolled into a circle. They're moist, chewy and very flavorful. My boys don't have a heard time chewing them. I love giving these to my kids because they're healthy for them and they don't have any added sugar. Just naturally sweetened by the fruit, veggies and grains that are used to make the Yo Yo's. One of my nephews is allergic to red dye so it's great to know that I can give him these fruit rolls when he visits. My oldest sons go-to flavor is the Strawberry and my youngest sons go-to is the Mango. Yo Yo's are great because my kids can enjoy on-the-go, as an after-school snack or as a healthy dessert. It's gives me piece of mind knowing that there are snacks out there that are made with natural ingredients.

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