Monday, September 10, 2018

FlavaNatuals FlavaBars Review

Hey! Welcome to my review blog, A Sampling Bee. Today, I review FlavaBars from FlavaNaturals. FlavaBars are made from the finest cocoa beans on earth. They are available in 5 amazing flavors. All ingredients used in FlavaBars are natural and real. Their bars are non-GMO, gluten-free, Kosher and vegetarian. These flavored chocolate bars contain 5x the cocoa flavanols of any standard dark chocolate bar. I have been eating chocolate since I was a kid. It's one of my favorite "sweet tooth" treats. So, I was excited to try FlavaNaturals FlavaBars!

Top to bottom: Espresso Ground Coffee, Crystallized Ginger + Saigon Cinnamon, Roasted Almond + Himalayan Pink Salt, Blueberry + Green Tea Matcha and Pure Cocoa Nibs.
Blueberry + Green Tea Matcha- is loaded with apple juice-infused blueberries. The top of this amazing chocolate bar is dusted with Matcha. Needless to say, this bar is loaded with antioxidants! One bar: 180 calories, 15g sugar, 0mg sodium.

Espresso Ground Coffee- what's better than coffee and chocolate? No much. This bar is full of antioxidants, too! From both the coffee and chocolate. Great for a energy boost on-the-go! 'One bar: 170 calories, 12g sugar, 0mg sodium.

Roasted Almond + Himalayan Pink Salt-  a customer favorite! This bar is loaded with almonds and topped with a dusting of Himalayan Pink Salt. One bar: 190 calories, 12g sugar, 120mg sodium.

Crystallized Ginger + Saigon Cinnamon- a bar that is loaded with a root vegetable and one of the best spices in the world. The combination of ginger and cinnamon go so well with the dark chocolate. One bar: 180 calories, 15g sugar, 5mg sodium.

Pure Cocoa Nibs- is a dark chocolate bar loaded with cocoa nibs. The nibs are dried cacao beans that resemble a roasted coffee bean. One bar: 180 calories, 12g sugar, 0mg sodium.

Pictured: Library Gift Box Set $25.95/2 bars of each flavor
My Thoughts

I am a huge fan of all chocolates! These FlavaBars are rich, chocolately, full of flavor and just out of this world good! I have never had a dark chocolate that is this rich and dark. A little bit of one bar is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I love the flavor combinations that FlavaNaturals came up with for their bars. I especially like the blueberry + green tea matcha, the roasted almond + Himalayan pink salt and the espresso ground coffee flavors. I was amazed by how each flavor tastes just like the ingredients that it contains. The Library Box Set makes a wonderful gift for the chocolate lover in your life! These chocolate bars truly are amazing!

FlavaNaturals also has FlavaMix, which is a unsweetened drink mix.

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