Monday, October 8, 2018

Circle B Ranch Big John's Snack Sticks Review

Hello! Welcome to my blog, A Sampling Bee! Today, I am sharing my review on Circle B Ranch's Big John's delicious Snack Sticks. Whenever were going on a long trip, I always have either snack sticks or jerky in my bag. Something about these snacks just screams "road trip." I love taking Circle B Ranch's pork sticks along for the ride because I know that they are healthy. And, the whole family loves them! What's not to love about a snack stick that is low in carbs, low in calories and high in protein?

Big John's Snack Sticks come in 3 yummy pork flavors:  Hawaiian, Bacon and Jalapeno Bacon. Circle B Ranch uses only natural ingredients in their product. This means that they are nitrite-free, nitrate-free, free from red dyes, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and sodium benzoate. Big John's Snack Sticks are gluten-free, MSG free, dairy-free and free from antibiotics and hormones. Ingredients in them are minimal. The sticks are stuffed into a regenerated collagen casing.

Circle B Ranch has a wide variety of pork products. See what they have to offer HERE.

My Thoughts

I absolutely love these pork sticks! My favorite flavor being the bacon. These sticks are so flavorful and I am amazed by how juicy and moist they are. They are easy to eat and chew. Much softer than I expected. The beef sticks are not over salty and the spices are just right. The individual packaging makes them portable. I love throwing a few of them into my purse! They give me a healthy energy boost in between meals. As a kid, I loved Slim Jims. After I found out how they were made, I never bought them again. Thanks to Circle B Ranch, I can now enjoy beef sticks again!

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