Saturday, October 27, 2018

October's Degusta Box USA Review

Hey! I can't believe October is almost over! Where does the time go?? Well, I am back with another amazing Degusta Box USA. This month contained 12 yummy products. Lots of snacks, lots of savory goodies. Degusta Box USA is one of the best snack boxes out there. It's always loaded with great products, all of which are a complete surprise each month, and its only $19.99 a month!

Brown & Haley Sea Salt Caramel Roca Buttercrunch are made with caramelized fresh butter, sugar, almonds from California, signature cocoa beans and a dash of sea salt. These candies are really sweet and crunchy. I love the silkiness of the chocolate and the sweetness from the caramel. The touch of sea salt gives these a nice balance of savory and sweet.

Pirate's Booty tasty rice and corn puffs are made with real aged white cheddar cheese. These yummy cheese puffs are baked, never fried. And, they are made without any artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or preservatives. My kiddos love these! Any snack that they can crunch on and make a cheesy mess, they love. We have had several cheese puffs but these are by far our favorite! The cheese flavor on these is so flavorful!

Bahlsen Waffeletten Milk Chocolate Wafer Rolls are thin Belgium waffles dipped into the richest European milk chocolate. These are the best! I absolutely love these waffle rolls. They're flavorful, crunchy and the chocolate is delicious! I only wish that they were in a store near me. By far my favorite product this month!

Sixlets Candies are nut-free and gluten-free. This months box contained chocolate sixlets and fruit sixlets. The chocolate sixlets have been around since I was a kid. I always remember getting them as a trick or treat candy. The fruit sixlets are new to me and I must say, they are really good! And fruity!

SunSpire Peanut Butter Chips are made with real peanut butter. These delicious little chips are great for baking or snacking. I love melting some of the chips and pouring it onto my ice cream!

Bush's Best crisp-roasted Chickpeas are high in fiber. They are great for on-the-go snacking as well as for adding to soups or salads. These little chickpeas are so crunchy and I love their taste. A healthy snack that I love to munch on.

Garoto is a snack bar that is filled with delicious banana filling and coated with milk chocolate. I couldn't put this snack down! The banana and chocolate go so well together.

Tastykakes are baked fresh! The Chocolate Junior has been a staple since 1917. This yummy cake is coated with a delicious chocolate. The Peanut Butter cake is made with a snack-sized vanilla sponge cake, a thick strip of peanut butter and coated with milk chocolate. This was my first time having these cakes! They were really good! Moist and a great after dinner dessert.

Welch's New Fruit Snacks are made with superfruits. Welch's made great flavor combinations including pomegranate-passionfruit, starfruit-kiwi, dragonfruit-blackberry, acai-blueberry and goji-apricot. My son loved these! As I was taking photos, he had two bag! We are a huge fan of Welch's fruit snacks!

Idahoan Foods Creamy Potato Soup is filled with real red potatoes and real red potato skins. This hearty soup taste just like homemade potato soup. This is an easy, delicious soup that can be made in minutes. It's really good! It's full of delicious potatoes and its so creamy.

My Thoughts

October's box wasn't as packed as September's box, but it still was an amazing box. Every single product this month was new to me. And I really enjoyed every one of them. Especially the peanut butter chips and waffeletten! Stay tuned for next month- I will be running a giveaway!

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