Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pressels Pretzel Review

Hey! Welcome to A Sampling Bee! I have something super yummy to share with you today! Raise your hands if you love pretzels. If so, you are going to love Pressels Pretzels! These pretzels are unlike any other pretzel. Pretzlels have always been one of my favorite go-to snacks. So, I'd say that I am quite the pretzel connoisseur. ;) Pretzels are just such a healthy, yummy snack. Much healthier option than potato chips or Doritos.

Pressels are healthy pretzels that are low in sodium and low in fat. Pressels are available in 4 unique flavors: Sesame, Everything, Sriracha and Sea Salt. These yummy pretzels are baked and they have 80% less fat than potato chips. As far as sodium goes, Pressels only have 210mg per 17 pieces. Those 17 pieces are only 99 calories! Pressels are non-GMO, Vegan, trans fat free, MSG free, Preservative free and white sugar-free and contain no artificial colors. Pressels are made with 2 basic ingredients: wheat and flour. Simple is best!

Everything Pressels are coated with onion, sesame, garlic and black caraway. These taste just like an everything bagel! I wonder how they'd taste dipped in cream cheese?!
Sesame Pressels are coated with the best sesame seeds from India. I love anything that has sesame seeds on the top. These Pressels remind me of every hamburger bun- covered with sesame seed!
Sea Salt Pressels are coated with sea salt granules. These are salted just right. Not overly salted like most pretzel brands.
Sriracha Pressels are the spicy! They are coated with sun-dried chilies. The Sriracha Pressels have just the right amount of heat! I love dipping this flavor into a cold guac!

My Thoughts

These Pressels are SO good! They're flavorful and super crunchy. Pressels differ from any ordinary pretzel simply because they taste better and they are made to be a healthier snacking option for us. Pressel has come up with some pretty amazing flavors. There aren't a lot of flavored pretzels out there so that makes this brand unique. I find myself chomping on Pressels every time I need a little snack. They are bite-sized and can be eaten right out of the bag or dipped into your favorite dip! This is healthy snack that I look forward to snacking on at parties and family gatherings. My kids love them, too!

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