Monday, October 22, 2018

Scents Monthly Bath Bomb Subscription Box Review

Hey, all! Happy Monday! I love a nice, relaxing bath. Especially if that bath contains an awesome smelling bath bomb. Bath Bombs are so popular nowadays that I don't even know which ones to try. When I found out that there is a new subscription box that delivers some right to my door, I was extremely excited! Scents Monthly is a monthly subscription box that contains premium bath bombs! Each month Scents Monthly sends out a curated selection of bath bombs as well as a special mystery product!

My first Scents Monthly box contained 4 bath bombs, a bar of soap and a branded pop socket. The bath bombs are huge! I got 2 different scents in this box. Not sure what scents they are, though. It would have been nice if they were labeled with its scent or ingredients. I know that this is a fairly new subscription box so information on each product might be in a later box.

The white bath bomb has a rose smell to it. It's very floral and strong. If I look closely at it, I can see that there are bits of dried roses inside the bath bomb. After looking online, I found out that this one is the White Rose Shea Butter bath bomb.

The green bath bomb has a vanilla scent to it. This one has a much lighter scent to it. I really like it! After looking online, I found out that this is the Green Vanilla Shea Butter bath bomb. It turns the bath water green! How cool!

The colorful bar is a Rose Essential Oil Face and Hand Soap bar. This bar is great for moisturizing and cleansing. It has a light rose scent. I use this to wash my hands and I love it because it's oils leave my hands super soft.

Isn't this pop socket cute? I love how it has the Scent Monthly logo on it! My son stole it from me, lol!
My Thoughts
This is a wonderful subscription box.  The bath bombs dissolve quickly and leave my bath smelling amazing. They do leave a little residue on my bath tub, but nothing that I can't wipe up quickly. The hand and face bar is wonderful! The little added gift is very thoughtful. I mean, who doesn't love a pop socket! Scents Monthly is a great gift for those who love a nice, scented bath.
What do you like to add into your bath? Bath bombs, oils, Epsom salt? Leave me a message in the comments below!
SUBSCRIBE || $35/month


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