Wednesday, November 28, 2018

November's "Movie Night" Degusta Box USA Review

Hi there! Guess what?? I got my November box this month and I noticed that the outside of the box was different. Degusta Box USA got a brand new design and it looks amazing! Love it! Well, this month's theme is Movie Night. It's packed with 9 different snacks that we munched on while enjoying one of our favorite films. See what's inside below!

Popcorn, Indiana's Black & White Drizzlecorn is the best kettle corn/drizzled popcorn that I have ever had! The popcorn is sweet and chocolately. The popcorn is covered in both white and dark chocolate. Drizzlecorn is sweet and has a touch of saltiness. Love this popcorn- a lot!

Pearsons Candy Company Mint Patties and Coconut Patties are the perfect bite-sized chocolates. The Mint Patties are filled with a creamy mint center and covered in delicious dark chocolate. The coconut patties are filled with coconut and coated in a rich, dark chocolate. These little chocolates are super good! I really enjoyed the coconut patties.

Bauducco's Panettone is a traditional Italian holiday cake that is filled of sweet raisins. This month's box contained the mini version- which is perfect for enjoying on-the-go. I enjoyed a slice of this delicious, moist cake with a hot cup of tea!

Grand Belgian Specialties assorted chocolate box came with 16 pure Belgium chocolates. This product was by far my favorites. These chocolates were amazing! Yes, we ate them ALL! And, very quickly! :) Each of the 16 chocolates are completely different and they are made with white, dark and milk chocolate. Can't wait to get my hands on more of these!

Bush's Best Bean Dips are tasty and packed with tons of flavor. Bush's Bean Dips are low in sodium, trans fat free and have no added sugar. I got the black bean dip in my box. This dip was really good! I tried it with pretzels and tortilla chips. It's loaded with chunky beans. A great dip to pour on top of nachos or to just eat out of the container!

PopCorners Kettle Corn Chips are made with non-GMO corn that is grown right here in the US. These triangle shaped chips are both sweet and salty. Super crunchy, too! I loved these chips, a lot!

Chickpea Mac & Cheese is comfort food, yet made healthier! This mac & cheese is made with chickpea lentil pasta which is gluten-free! The cheese is 100% organic and nutritious. I couldn't tell that this mac & cheese was made with chickpeas! It is SO tasty! My kids loved it, too!

Wholesome Goodness Tuxedo Mix is a mix of yogurt covered raisins and peanuts, dark chocolate soy nuts and infusion roasted peanuts. My husband devoured this mix. And, I know why. Because, its so good! The mix is crunchy and the yogurt and chocolate flavors give the mix a nice flavor.

Nutiva's Organic Culinary Oils are great. I love cooking with them! I think its just so much more healthier than cooking with butter. Plus, when I use this coconut oil, I don't have problems with my food sticking to the pan! The buttery flavor is the best on top of popcorn. Nutiva makes really high quality coconut oils. Love these!

My Thoughts

November's box rocked! This theme was so so great and I hope that Degusta Box USA does a box like this again soon. My whole family enjoyed this months box. There was something for everyone in it. My favorite? Hands down the box of chocolate! OMG, SO good! OH, and I am loving the new design! What do you think? Want to get Degusta Box USA sent straight to your door each month? Sign up! It's only $19.99 a month!

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