Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Firstleaf Wine Club Review

Hey! Welcome! I love a good glass of wine, especially around the holidays. There is nothing nicer than sitting by a warm fire, with the Christmas tree lit up, with a delicious glass of wine in my hand. Sounds like the perfect night, doesn't it? Where do I get my wine from? Firstleaf! Firstleaf is a wine club that sends your favorite wines right to you! Their wines are 60% off of retail. Choose from their amazing selection of red wines, white wines and pink wines. I must say, Firstleaf has an amazing selection and they were nice enough to send me 3 bottles! See which ones I got below!

Thicket is a dark, bold and complex red wine. This delicious wine is from Sonoma County. When enjoying this wine, I definitely got notes of fruits as well as a hint of vanilla. It's a wine that more on the sweet side (which I love). Thicket pairs well with anything coming off of the grill. I prefer to enjoy my glass of Thicket with a juicy burger! Alcohol: 15.6%

Miguel Aime Pouget Malbec has won multiple awards. It's a wine that has won the Best in Class title at the New World International Wine Competition. This 2017 vintage wine has notes of vanilla, coffee and a hint of spice. All of the grapes used to make this wine come from Mendoza, Argentina. Pairs well with rich meats as well as soups and bisques. Another delicious wine! Alcohol: 13.1%

Paso Del Tiempo Syrah is a Spanish wine that is both bold and elegant. When enjoying this wine, I got earthy notes as well as fruity notes. I definitely get the taste of sweet raspberries. Paso Del Tiempo Syray is a full body wine and its not too acidic. This delicious wine pairs well with any Spanish dish. Including Tapas! Yum! Alcohol: 14%

My Thoughts
Firstleaf has some pretty amazing wines. There is nothing like enjoying a nice glass of wine after a long work week or while at a holiday party. What is so nice about Firstleaf is that they ship your wines right to your door. There is no need for me to make a trip to the store. And, Firstleaf keeps track of all of my favorites so they can keep sending me wines that I will love! Firstleaf is the only wine club that is tailored to my needs, and I love that! All 3 of the wine that I got in my first shipment were all really good. But, the Thicket was my favorite.
Take the Firstleaf QUIZ and start enjoying the benefits of the best wine club, ever!
*Please drink responsibly! And, please, don't drive drunk!
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Monday, December 10, 2018

Sugar Smart Box Snack Subscription Review

Hey! Welcome to A Sampling Bee! Today, I am sharing with you a new snack subscription box that I just discovered! Sugar Smart Box is a low sugar/low carb subscription box. Each month, Sugar Smart Box will deliver 7+ premium snacks right to your door! Sugar Smart Box is loaded with healthier snack options. Snacks that everyone can enjoy without the guilt and worry!

Sugar Smart Box

The Get Go Mixes were both really good! I am always looking for yummy, protein filled trail mixes to enjoy as a snack. These 2 mixes are both loaded with so many goodies. Nuts, seeds, coconut and yummy raisins, goji berries and cacao! Carbs- 7g Sugars- 4g.

Rx Nut Butters are great to spread on bread, crackers or to eat right out of the package! These nut butters are so creamy!  My favorite out of these three is the Honey Cinnamon. I love dipping animal crackers into this flavor! Rx Nut Butters are irresistible nut butters that are made with simple, real ingredients. Love them! Carbs- 5g, Sugars- 4g.

There was 2 different Smart Sweets in this box. I have had the Sour Blast Buddies before and they are super sour! But, I love all things sour. So, I loved them! This was my first time trying their Sweet Fish and I must say, they are super good! I prefer them mover Swedish Fish. They so much more tastier. Both of these candies are chewy and amazing! Carbs- 8g, Sugars- 3g.

Synchro Fudge is a super yummy fudge that is very rich and creamy. I can really taste the coconut in this fudge. It's really good! It's a soft fudge that can easily be spread onto toast or I like to eat it right out of the pouch! Synchro Fudge is Keto and contains brain-boosting MCTs. Carbs-8g, Sugars 5g.

Nush Cakes I have had several times and I enjoy them, a lot! These cakes are always so moist. I loved the Carrot Spice Cake the best. I enjoyed it with a hot cup of tea! Nush Cakes are loaded with pure, all natural ingredients. These yummy cakes make a great breakfast or dessert! Carbs- 3g, Sugars- 1g.

My Thoughts
The Sugar Smart Subscription Box is an amazing box. It's definitely loaded with delicious, flavorful snacks that are low in carbs and sugars. I thought that this box had a wide variety of goodies to try. Most of which were new to me. My favorite snack had to be the Get Go Mix Superfood Trail Mixes. If you are watching what you eat, subscribe to Sugar Smart Box! And, I just noticed that they have two different subscriptions to choose from- Sugar Smart Box & the Sugar Smart Mini Box! Which snack in the Sugar Smart Box would you like to try??
SUBSCRIBE || $29.95- 39.95/monthly
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