Monday, January 14, 2019

DNX Bars- Paleo & Keto Protein Bars Review

Hey! I have found more amazing Protein Bars and I so excited to share them with you today! Introducing DNX Bars! These Keto & Paleo Bars are super tasty and super moist. I love throwing a few of these protein bars into my purse when traveling or when going on play dates. Sometimes I need a little mid-day pick me up and DNX Bars are always my first choice. Read all about them below.

DNX Protein Bars come in 6 yummy flavors: Peri, Peri Style (chicken), Mexican Style (beef), Sweet Potato Pecan (Beef), Dark Cacao Cherry Coconut (beef), Fennel Sweet Potato (beef) and Jamaican Style (Bison).

DNX Bars are made with 100% grass-fed beef & bison and free range chicken. They are made with real protein and they are packed with organic fruits and veggies. The Culinary Artists behind DNX Bars use organic ingredients such as dried tart cherries, almond butter, sweet potato and spices. To see a full list of ingredients, click here.

 Left to right: Sweet Potato Pecan, Mexican Style, Dark Cacao Cherry Coconut.

Left to right: Jamaican Style, Fennel Sweet Potato, Peri Peri Style.

Why I love DNX Bars

The first reasons is because my kids LOVE them! And, the good part? They have no idea that they are full of fruits and veggies. The second reason is because they fill me up and keep me full for at least 2 hours. I also love them because they're healthy for not only me, but for my family. There are no yucky ingredients in DNX Bars. It's great!

My Favorite DNX Bars

My favorites are definitely the Sweet Potato Pecan and Dark Cacao Cherry Coconut. The Sweet Potato Pecan bars are full of tender beef and delicious pecans. The Dark Cacao Cherry Coconut is amazing because as I chew it, I can really taste each ingredients. Especially the cherry and coconut. All-in-all, DNX Bars are very tasty, full of flavor and they make an excellent, healthy snack!

If you'd like to give DNX Bars a try, visit their WEBSITE to order!

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