Friday, February 8, 2019

KitNipBox a Subscription Box for Kitties- Review

Hey! Do you have cute kitties at home and love to spoil them? I have two! A Siamese/tabby mix and a tuxedo kitty. I came across KitNipBox, a subscription box for cats and I knew that my kitties would love it! Sure enough, they did! Most of the time they don't play with toys. One likes to play with twist ties and the other likes playing with Legos. To my surprise, both of them have been playing non stop with the toys inside the KitNipBox ever since I opened it!

What was inside our KitNipBox?? 
All For Paws Airplane Wand- This is Puma's favorite toy. My sons love  him with it and they love how he bites and chews the airplane on the end.

Dream Cat Handmade Night Sky Kicker- Puma grabbed this toy right out of the box and started rubbing up against it. He was biting it and throwing it up in the air so he could bat at it. Must be the cat nip! :)

MAX Crescent Moon Toss Toy- Is definitely fun to toss. Molly likes laying on this one. It has a strong cat nip smell!

Kitty Felt Cardinal- This toy is my personal favorite. I love bright red cardinals! My kitties love the black tail feathers!

MAX Rocket Ship- I love the stray pieces that are hanging of the bottom of this cute rocket ship. So did my kitties! I love how bright and colorful this toy is!

All For Paws Cloud Pillow- I love this cute cloud pillow. Its super soft. Molly uses it as her pillow on her cat bed!

PureBites  Freeze Dried Small Minnows- Molly loved these freeze dried minnows! Perfect treat for my sweet kitties!

My Thoughts

Keeping our kitties happy and busy is sometimes tough. I am not going to lie, its tough to find toys that they will actually play with! This subscription box was a home run! They loved everything inside! I am a happy kitty mom not only for the fact that they love the goodies, but because the toys are made very well. They have been playing and chewing on them for about 2 weeks now, and the toys are still in really good shape! Just a fee teeth holes here and there. :) KitNipBox is highly recommended by me. It's the best cat box I've seen! A portion of processed are donated to animal welfare causes. Even more of a reason to sign up!

SUBSCRIBE || $19.99/month
Use code SAMPLINGBEE to save 15% off!
**Thank you KitNipBox for sending me a complimentary box to review!**


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