Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Sleek Treat's Wicked Sweet Subscription Box

Hi there! I hope everyone had a great Halloween. We had heavy wind and rain so my boys only got to go Trick or Treating at a few houses. Which is fine with me because the less candy they get, the less they'll consume. My Trick or Treat came in the form of a subscription box this year. The Sleek Treat, low carb subscription box, that is! And, its "Wicked Sweet" for someone who is just starting a Keto diet! See what was inside below!

The Cookie Department Mint Condition Cookie has the slightest taste on mint. I love mint and chocolate together but not when the mint is over powering the chocolate. Which is not the case with this moist, soft cookie. Did I mention that it is loaded with chocolate chips?? With only 21 grams of carbs and 1 gram of sugar, this cookie is the perfect after dinner dessert! Click on the link above and save 15% off your order with code SLEEK15.

Herbaland Vegan Protein Gummies are surprisingly good! Looking at them, I thought that they were going to be hard to chew and have a yucky taste. Wrong! These oval shape gummies are easy to chew and full of fruity flavors. This is a snack that both kids and adults can enjoy. Herbaland Gummies are full of fiber (5g) and contain no sugars! My kids gave these a thumbs up! Click on the link above and save 15% off your order with code SleekHerbaland.

Buff Bake Fuelbar + MCT Cinnamon Crunch Bar is plant based. It contains only 1g of sugar and 4g of carbs. I really enjoyed this bar. It was soft, moist and a bit chewy. It does have a bit of crunch to it, too. Which is from the cashews and almonds. Delicious!

Bhu Keto Keto Bites I L.O.V.E! My favorite one was the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. These Keto Bites are moist, chewy and very satisfying. I seriously thought that I was eating cookie dough! High Five Bhu Keto for making these amazing bites! You can find these online or at Vitamin Shoppe. Carbs: 8g/Sugars: 1g. Click on the link above and save 10% off your order with code SleekTreatBhu.

Ketofit Chocolate Nutrition Bar is made with MCT Oil and Collagen. This bar has only 3g of net carbs and 2g of sugar. This bar was a bit hard. But, it was very flavorful. I could really taste the coconut oil and the chocolate chips. I really enjoyed this bar with my morning coffee. Click on the link above and save 20% off your order with code SLEEKTREAT.

Just The Cheese Crunchy Mini Toasted Cheese bites have been one of my favorite cheese snacks for a while now. They're made with real Wisconsin Cheese and they're super crunchy. I love eating them whole and I also enjoy them crushed up on top of my favorite salad. Who doesn't love cheese?? Carbs: 1g/Sugars: 0g. Click on the link above and save 10% off your order with code SLEEKTREAT.

Lakanto 55% Cacao Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs really satisfies my chocolate craving. I love having a piece of chocolate after dinner and I love that I can still enjoy my favorite dessert and still be on a diet. Lakanto's chocolate bar is very rich and loaded with cocoa nibs. This cocoa nibs give this bar a crunchy texture and I love that! Although 27g of carbs sounds high, its not a lot if you are only having a piece or two. Sugar? 0g but contains 12g of sugar alcohol. Click on the link above and save 20% off your order with code SleekTreat20.

My Thoughts

If you are on a Keto diet, diabetic or just like to eat low carb, low sugar snacks, Sleek Treat is the subscription box for you. These were the perfect snacks to start a Keto diet with and I was happy that I got the box just in time to start. Sleek Treat always has the most amazing snacks each month. I couldn't recommend this subscription box enough. The Wicked Sweet box had some of the best snacks.  Sign up for Sleek Treat below!

SLEEK TREAT || $34.99